Troldtekt® Award 2016 - winners

Watch an interview with the Troldtekt Award 2016 winning team and see which projects have received the jury's special prizes.

Winning project

The Troldtekt Award 2016 and 5,000 euros go to two architecture students from UAUIM in Bucharest, Romania.

Vasile Iulian Badarau and Bogdan Cristian Lazar thrilled the jury with their project "Troldtekt AIR" and their idea of playing with the thickness of Troldtekt acoustic panels. In this way, the natural wood wool material can have many different functions and potentially be used to build an entire house.

Troldtekt Award 2016, Winner


The project "Choice Theory" is chosen as runner-up in the Troldtekt Award 2016 and awarded 2,000 euros.

With this project the Iranian architecture students Elham Kazemi and Mohammad Arabdashti propose to let users design their own acoustic art solutions, using small Troldtekt cubes inserted into a grid-shaped room divider.

Troldtekt Award 2016 second place

Special prize

A Troldtekt Award Special Prize and 1,000 euros go to the project "Acoustic pavilion"

This project, submitted by Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar from Qom University in Iran, describes an outdoor  pavilion, designed in Troldtekt sheet-components laser-cut and combined into an open 3-dimensional structure, hovering above a circular, submerged seating space. The idea is, that the pavilion will become a quiet place for outdoor activities in the midst of the city.

Troldtekt Award 2016 special price

Honourable mentions

Troldtekt Award 2016 - Honourable mention

"Digital Formula"

The author of the article “Digital Formula” deftly rides the wave of digital printing. The construction industry is desperately looking for the “clay” of the future, a material that can be used to print houses perfectly. What could be better suited for that than a mix of the basic products used to make Troldtekt acoustic panels, namely:

1. Aalborg Portland cement
2. Norway spruce wood wool
3. Water

Download full project.

Read the jury's report.

Troldtekt Award 2016 - Honourable mention

"Troldtekt BIO"

The project describes an outdoor Troldtekt panel system - Troldtekt BIO- that primarily aims to solve the outdoor acoustic challenges of traffic noise in hard surfaced street-sections, as well as dealing with air pollution of the city.

Download full project.

Read the jury's report.

Troldtekt Award 2016 - Honourable mention

"NoiseFree Escape"

Office environments today are in need of attractive areas to act as retreats, small islands of tranquillity. The idea of a room inside a room, providing an appealing place made entirely of Troldtekt acoustic panels, is an attractive one. The small octagonal cocoon is a noise-free box of peace and reflection that simply feels good. In this way, modern spaces can be created using sustainable material.

Download full project.

Read the jury's report.

Jury panel

The submitted projects for the Troldtekt Award 2016 have been assessed by an international jury comprising:

Lone Wiggers, architect maa, mnal & partner
C.F. Møller (Denmark)

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Architect BDA Linus Hofrichter
a-sh sander hofrichter architekten (Germany)

Peer Leth, CEO
Troldtekt A/S (Denmark)

Troldtekt Award 2016 - Jury panel

Troldtekt Award, ArchDaily 



The International Troldtekt Award is a biennial concept competition for international students of design & architecture. The Award encourages students to explore Troldtekt acoustic panels and find new uses for them that are not only creative but also possible to realise in practice.

The project can describe the proposal from small scale to large scale. The competition is open – the only condition is that Troldtekt is incorporated in a creative and realistic way. In other words, participants can choose to impose colours, shapes, their imagination or something completely different on the Troldtekt products. The assignment is a concept competition and is therefore not restricted by the cost of realising the proposal in practice.

The Award is global and open to any registered student of design & architecture. The winner wins a prize of 5,000 Euro.

Registration and submission of competition projects must be made electronically at the website of ArchDaily. Submitted projects must not previously have been entered into other competitions.

Please refer to the competition facts listed below for further information.

Judgement criteria

Troldtekt Award icon

The jury will be looking at the projects from a creative as well as a practical aspect. In other words, the whole idea of the Troldtekt Award is to discover new angles and innovations that go beyond conventional applications, yet which can still be produced in real life.


Troldtekt Award icon

The Troldtekt Award 2016 is open for entries via ArchDaily from 3 October to 24 October 2016.


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The winning project will be awarded a prize of EUR 5,000.


Troldtekt Award icon

The competition is an open concept competition for international students of design and architecture.


Troldtekt Award icon

All international students of design & architecture can participate in the competition. The competition project can be an adapted study project or a specific project for the competition. Students can submit their projects individually, or more students can submit a project together. Submitted projects must not previously have been entered into other competitions.


Troldtekt Award icon

Judging the proposals which have been submitted will be concluded at the in January 2017. The result of the competition will be published on the websites and social media of Troldtekt and ArchDaily, and the competition winner will be informed directly. Troldtekt reserves the right to exhibit all competition entries.


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Participants must submit their projects for the Troldtekt Award 2016 no later than 6 November 2016 at 12.00 CET (GMT+2).

The projects must be submitted in either AI or PDF format (max. 100 MB) with text in English and must be uploaded through ArchDaily. Each project must be submitted with a JPG file for preview.


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Troldtekt A/S has the right to use the projects which have been submitted; this includes using them in connection with communicating and marketing the result of the competition. In publishing the winning project, the name(s) of the entrant(s) will be announced, unless the entrant(s) wishes to retain their anonymity. The copyright to the competition project belongs to the person(s) submitting the project.