Our cookie policy

Here you can read about cookies and how they are used on Troldtekt's websites.

Troldtekt's use of cookies

When you visit Troldtekt's websites, we will use a cookie to remember your computer when you navigate on the different pages of the website. This is necessary for a number of features on the website, for example the product generator and the acoustics calculator. This cookie will disappear from your computer as soon as you leave troldtekt.com.

In addition, our websites use cookies for the purpose of gathering statistics. Read more about the statistics below.

Cookies for statistics
On Troldtekt's websites, we use cookies for statistics, which can help to improve our websites. We use the data to make statistics about the use of our websites, and to find discrepancies on them so we can improve your experience when you visit them.

Troldtekt collect the following data:
  • IP Address
  • visited pages
  • time spent
  • browser type
  • operating system
  • preferred language
  • which URL you come from and keywords (if you come from a search engine)

For statistic purposes, Troldtekt uses the suppliers Google Analytics and Sitecore DMS web analytics. The cookies contain no personal information. The cookies contain a randomly generated ID, used to recognize your browser when you read a page.

When you visit a Troldtekt website for the first time, you will be asked to allow cookies for statistic purposes. If you say no, we will not store statistics about your visit.

On this page, you can view your current settings for statistic cookies, and here you can also change your preferences.

If you want to avoid all cookies, you can read more below on how to delete cookies and block new cookies.

To delete and block cookies

If you wish, you can use the settings in your browser to delete and block all cookies. However, please be aware that many features on websites (both Troldtekt's websites and other websites) are dependent on cookies and therefore can not be used if you block cookies. For example. you will not be able to use the product generator, the acoustics calculator etc.. on our website if cookies are blocked.