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Troldtekt Plus

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Troldtekt acoustic panel





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Troldtekt® design solutions

Under Troldtekt design solutions we show examples of special panel types and classic acoustic panels which – through the way in which they are installed, or through the use of colours or CNC milling techniques – can be used to create a completely unique look as integrated sound-absorbing design elements.

Troldtekt Design Solutions


The Troldtekt accessories include profile systems, screws, brackets, an access panel & paint.

Troldtekt Accessories
Troldtekt Product Generator

Product generator

The Troldtekt product generator provides a quick overview of all available Troldtekt products. By simply clicking your way through the options – colour, structure, installation details etc. - you specify your desired product. You are also provided with autocad drawings and an installation instruction for the specific product, ready to download.