The Troldtekt product generator provides a quick and easy overview of all available Troldtekt combinations. As a new feature, we have linked a quantity and accessories calculator.

The basic idea of the product generator is that you click your way through a series of product options, and each time you make a selection, the options which cannot be combined with the choices you have already made are faded out. If you regret a choice, just re-click the option – the selection is cancelled, and all the possible options are enabled again. You have to select an option for all the product variables to proceed to the next step, but the sequence in which you do so is irrelevant.

If you select integrated lighting and/or loudspeakers, an overview of the product options for speakers and/or lighting is displayed on the next page. Here, the same principle applies – to proceed to the next page you must select an option for each product variable. Here, you also need to enter the desired number of lighting fittings and/or speakers. For several types of lighting for the same room, simply click “Add new”.

Once you have made your product selection, on the next page you can download installation instructions with specific autocad files for your chosen product configuration. As another new feature, you can now download a zip file with Troldtekt textures and alpha maps as well as BIM objects in Revit format.

You can then calculate quantities and accessories. First choose between three predefined ceiling types – rectangular, L-shaped and T-shaped – and then enter the dimensions for the length and width of the room as well as the incline of the ceiling, if it slopes. If your ceiling does not match one of the three predefined types, enter the ceiling’s area and perimeter. A overview is immediately displayed of the number of panels and accessories required, calculated according to your choice of installation system. Please note that the number of panels is based on whole panels, which is in turn based on our installation instructions, but it does not include waste or spare panels. The number of accessories is stated as the number required, but when you click “Total overview of all rooms – print or send”, it states the total number of whole packs required. If you want to change the recommended quantities, just enter what you want in the “My adjustment” fields.

To add several rooms to your specification, simply click “Add new room”, and then repeat the above process, and the extra room will be added to your total overview.

You can now save the complete overview.