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Troldtekt acoustic panels are Cradle to Cradle-certified in the silver category according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ standard’s latest version 3.1. The certification covers the full product portfolio of Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood, natural grey and painted in the standard colours white 101, grey 202, charcoal grey 208 and black 207. The silver certification also covers the non-combustible Troldtekt A2 panels and Troldtekt agro panels.

The certification has been granted because, among other things, the panels contain no harmful substances and can therefore be composted and returned to nature as soil conditioner.

In August 2012, Troldtekt achieved the first Cradle to Cradle silver certification for its ‘natural’ product series, and since the Cradle to Cradle re-certification in August 2013, the range of certified products has been expanded to also include the painted acoustic panels.

In essence, the Cradle to Cradle concept is based on three principles:
- Waste equals food: that everything is a resource for something else
- Use of solar energy: that production is based on renewable energy
- Celebrate diversity: that diversity is valuable

The Cradle to Cradle model is a step up from the Cradle to Grave model, where products are disposed of after use. Cradle to Cradle aims at a circular flow of materials, where products are designed to be recycled, either in the biological cycle, where the materials return to nature, or in a technical cycle, where the materials are reutilised for the production of new products.

Cradle to Cradle certified™ is an internationally recognised third party verified product certification scheme which assesses products throughout their entire life cycle within five categories:
  • Material Health The material content of the product is determined throughout the entire supply chain down to 100 ppm, and its impact on human health and the environment is subsequently assessed. The aim is that only substances which can be part of healthy life cycles without harming humans or the environment can be used.
  • Material Reutilisation The product must be designed or it must be possible to develop the product so it can be incorporated into a biological or technical cycle, thereby not producing waste.
  • Renewable Energy and Carbon Management The aim is to achieve carbon neutrality and to use 100 per cent renewable energy for all processes.
  • Water Stewardship To achieve the highest certification, all process water must be so clean that, in principle, it is potable.
  • Social Fairness An assessment is made of whether the enterprise follows recognised social fairness standards.

Cradle to Cradle requires the continual improvement of products and processes. There are five achievement levels in each category: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To be certified at a specific level, the product or process must meet the minimum criteria for each category level. The certificate must be renewed every two years, and to be re-certified, it must be documented that progress has been made towards a higher certification level in the intervening period.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is administered by the independent non-profit Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, C2CPII. To be certified, a manufacturer must collaborate with a C2CPII-accredited assessment body such as Vugge til Vugge Danmark ApS (Cradle to Cradle Denmark), which has undertaken the most recent re-certification of Troldtekt acoustic panels. Final approval and the issuing of certificates is carried out by C2CPII.


Read more about Cradle to Cradle at http://www.c2ccertified.org/

Download the C2C-certificate.

Download Material Health Certificate.

Cradle to Cradle certification involves assessing a product in relation to human health and the environment as well as the product’s potential for being incorporated in a future materials life cycle.

On disposal, Troldtekt acoustic panels can be returned to the biological cycle.

In connection with certification, the materials used to make Troldtekt products have been subjected to a so-called ABC-X assessment. The product has been 100 per cent assessed (by weight), and all the ingredients in the materials – right down to 100 ppm – have been assessed and found to be safe for the biological cycle and for human health and the environment. Some substances in the painted products will be phased out to further optimise the products to platinum level.

Biological cycle

Troldtekt, biological cycle

Technical cycle

Troldtekt, technical cycle

The table shows Troldtekt’s score at the Cradle to Cradle re-certification at the beginning of 2019.

Material Health is still at C2C silver level, and Troldtekt therefore maintains an overall C2C certification at silver level.

Material Reutilisation, Renewable Energy and Social Fairness are all at C2C gold level, while Water Stewardship is still at platinum level.

Troldtekt C2C Certification

Roadmap for the development of Cradle to Cradle quality at Troldtekt

Troldtekt A/S’s business strategy is based on the Cradle to Cradle vision of creating healthy products which benefit human health and the environment, and which can be incorporated into the natural cycle without wasting resources. Troldtekt has therefore entered into a strategic collaboration with Vugge til Vugge Danmark ApS, and together we have developed a roadmap which – based on the five Cradle to Cradle quality categories – points the way to 2022. For each focus area, we have drawn up concrete action plans to ensure that Troldtekt achieves the specific milestones and objectives. The roadmap is revised every year following re-certification, so that it continues to describe more ambitious goals for the future. The following version shows the status at the beginning of 2019.

Troldtekt C2C Roadmap

Download roadmap as pdf >>