On this page you can find inspiration for acoustic solutions with Troldtekt.

Read case studies from buildings with Troldtekt acoustic solutions and watch videos about acoustics, sustainability and indoor climate. You can also download magazines, taking you on a tour in private homes, restaurants, schools, offices, etc.

Enjoy the inspirational tour!


Click through the gallery and enjoy the images from a large variety of international building projects, combining great architecture and great acoustics.

In the accompanying case studies builders and architects share their experiences and results with Troldtekt.

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Here you can find a series of videos about acoustics, sustainability and indoor climate.

Hear families tell about the acoustics in their homes before and after installing Troldtekt acoustic panels and watch the interviews with Danish architect Mikkel Frost and trend researcher/TV host Mads Arlien-Søborg.  

Or take a tour of our modern production facilities and learn how Troldtekt acoustic solutions are manufactured.

Inspiration magazine

Find inspiration in the selection of Troldtekt brochures.

Newest edition is our international inspirational magazine, introducing you to a range of different projects with Troldtekt acoustic solutions. These range from an award-winning educational centre to Google's European headquarters which contains some of the most extraordinary interiors imaginable.

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By downloading the zip file, you get access to two folders containing texture files and alpha maps which you can use for visualisations.

The texture files show the most commonly used colours and textures. Each file has a format of 1600X1600 pixels.

In the folder containing alpha maps, you will find the most frequently used bonds, and they correspond to a wall or ceiling surface of 480X240cm.

Download Troldtekt textures.

Troldtekt Textures and alphamaps