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The number of children is on the rise in several northern European countries, and thus also the need for new childcare institutions. It is important to take the children’s perspective in the design of the new institutions, and for the architecture to support the development of mind and body. This point is made by experienced architects from Baukind and Ludloff+Ludloff in Germany.

According to Mille Sylvest, who holds a PhD in environmental psychology and is a partner in the Human Studio consultancy firm, the new buildings have to meet the specific needs of the given institution – and not follow a universal template. She also points out that the architecture of a good childcare institution must be sufficiently flexible to support a wide range of activities.  

In this theme, you can read about Huset Nyvang in the Danish town of Randers, where a nursing home and childcare centre have been gathered under one roof. You can also read about Børnebyen Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Drivhuset in Valby, Denmark and Haukåsen Kindergarten in Trondheim, Norway. Troldtekt is helping to ensure superior acoustics in all three institutions.

Architecture for children benefits from a playful approach

To build good architecture for children, you must take them serious as users and consider their unique perspective in the design. That is the message from two experienced architects, Prof. Jens Ludloff and Nathalie Dziobek-Bepler. Done right, architecture can support the children’s development of both body and brain.  

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Troldtekt - Architecture for children benefits from a playful approach

The best children’s institutions are not all the same

According to environmental psychologist Mille Sylvest (PhD), it is important that the architecture in childcare institutions is as varied as the cultures and activities they have to support. User involvement is an important building block for good institutions.

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Build better childcare institutions | Troldtekt online theme

A centre for learning and living for children and the elderly

Huset Nyvang is situated in the Danish town of Randers and houses a nursing home and integrated daycare centre under one roof. Being one of the first of its kind, the project has called for respect and a special understanding of the special needs of the different generations of users. Architect Kristina Møller Hansen from Friis & Moltke explains the design considerations behind the project in an interview.

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Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in Huset Nyvang that offers learning and living for children and elderly

A city within a city

In the colourful Christianshavn district of Copenhagen, Denmark’s largest children’s institution has opened, but by organising the built-up area into smaller and very diverse units, Børnebyen Christianshavn feels like a self-contained city on a small scale.

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Build better childcare institutions | Troldtekt online theme

Haukåsen Kindergarten


Bygg bättre barninstitutioner | Troldtekt tema

Designed around a solid wood structure, this BREEAM-certified kindergarten is located in Trondheim in northern Norway. Low window sills ensure views of the great outdoors for the children, the doors are foil-coated in bright colours, and the ceilings feature Troldtekt acoustic panels. 

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Børnehuset Himmel & Hav


Troldtekt online-tema: Byg bedre børneinstitutioner

This institution in a suburb of Copenhagen was designed by RUBOW architects. Like large building blocks, the units that make up the complex have been positioned around the focal point – The Red Square. White and black-painted Troldtekt panels have been used on the ceilings.

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Drivhuset daycare centre


Bygg bättre barninstitutioner | Troldtekt tema

Henning Larsen Architects designed the institution – with a large common room with many windows and pleasant daylight from skylights above. The double-height common room calls for good acoustics – provided by white and black-painted Troldtekt ceilings.

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