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Theme: Sustainable building

Sustainable building can be measured using a number of certifications which have come into being in recent years.

On this theme page, Associate Professor Tine Steen Larsen PhD from Aalborg University in Denmark describes the five key certifications. Moreover, you can read about Google’s new database Portico, which will make it easy to choose smart and healthy materials for Google’s buildings.

Silver for Troldtekt after more stringent requirements

The Troldtekt acoustic series has just been recertified according to Cradle to Cradle version 3.1. Troldtekt achieved gold level in four out of five criteria and retains its overall certification at silver level, despite the fact that version 3.1 has more stringent requirements.

The certification covers the complete range of Troldtekt acoustic panels, including those supplied in their natural colour and those painted in Troldtekt’s standard colours.

Troldtekt C2C

LEED and BREEAM-NL acknowledge Cradle to Cradle

In the latest versions of the American LEED certification scheme and the Dutch version of the BREEAM scheme, credits and points are awarded when Cradle to Cradle certified products are used in buildings.

Cradle to Cradle certification can be achieved for products which, after detailed examination, live up to requirements in five areas. For example, the product must be sustainably produced and so healthy that it can be part of a biological or technical cycle.

Troldtekt Google Dublin

Google Portico

Portico is the name of Google’s new database, which is designed to make it easier for project planners to choose smart and healthy materials when building productive working environments for the giant search engine’s employees.

Troldtekt Google Portico

Google HQ

in Dublin

Employees from 65 countries work at Google’s European head office in Dublin. The four office buildings are a wealth of shapes, colours and exciting interiors and also count five restaurants, fitness rooms and a 25-metre swimming pool. The project expects to be LEED Platinum-certified.

Read more about Troldtekt in Google's head office


in Haukaasen

Troldtekt Haukaasen Kindergarten

The outdoor kindergarten in Trondheim was the first new educational building in Norway to be BEEAM-NOR-certified. The kindergarten has been certified in the category ‘Very good’, and thus has a sustainable profile in relation to its building materials, heat source, energy consumption and design. The kindergarten is primarily made of wood, which made Troldtekt ceiling panels the obvious choice.

Read more and see photos of the kindergarten


in Oakmeadow

troldtekt Oakmeadow School

The school is one of the UK’s first Passivhaus-certified primary schools. It has a very low energy consumption, and gives teachers and pupils a comfortable working environment with fresh air, good ventilation, daylight and a spacious layout. The architectural firm Architype has also created a good sound environment in the classrooms and sports hall, which are traditionally noisy places.

Read more about the school’s acoustic environment

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