Troldtekt, Flexible design solutions

Unbroken surfaces with integrated and concealed functions and personalised design. The multi-functional ceiling is a reality.

Troldtekt panels are an honest material with a very characteristic expression. The variety of colours, structuresedge profiles and suspension systems offer customised design options. Troldtekt acoustic solutions and the series of special products also allow you to integrate and conceal a number of functions in the ceiling, while maintaining an unbroken plane. The result is streamlined ceiling panels which provide a calm cohesive surface.

Troldtekt speakers concealed in the ceiling allow you to avoid disruptions to the ceiling surface and cabinet speakers. Our series of designer light fixtures are recessed for the best visual results.

The multifunctional ceiling is now a reality. The options for printing or CNC milling designs on acoustic panels are virtually limitless.


Fixtures specially designed to be built into Troldtekt acoustic ceilings. The solution is architecturally simple and combines aesthetically pure lines with good light distribution.

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Specially developed speaker unit, built in and concealed on the back of the acoustic panel. Elegant and discreet sound experience with sound streaming out of the ceiling or wall without disruptive reverberation.

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Troldtekt, Decoration

Personalised decoration using print technology, which allows graphics, logos, art works, photos or other designs to be transferred directly to Troldtekt acoustic panels.

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