The Troldtekt wave panel is a sculptural, three-dimensional ceiling or wall surface. The varying waves of the surface creates a movement in the surface, created by an advanced casting technique emphasizing the honesty and simplicity of the material, cement bonded wood wool.

The panels can be installed in a repetitive pattern, horizontally or vertically, staggered or side by side, enabling the architect to create his own three dimensional surface design of the sound absorbing wall or ceiling surface. This provides an aesthetic value as well as better acoustics (sound absorption and sound diffusion).

Troldtekt wave panels are available in “natural” (untreated) or painted in our standard colours (cradle to cradle certified) or in any RAL- or NCS colour.

Troldtekt wave, design awards

Troldtekt wave is the first of its kind industrially produced solution. Creating wood wool boards with sculptural surfaces has previously only been possible by a hand made casting procedure whereas this new Troldtekt wave panel is industrially produced and hence the production is fully scalable.

The Troldtekt wave is part of the Troldtekt acoustic panels series and is produced from natural raw materials, wood and cement, and thus have the same natural properties as the Troldtekt acoustic panel: reaction to fire B-s1,d0, sound absorbing, moisture resistant, retain stable shape, are allergy-friendly and contain no allergens or harmful substances. All Troldtekt acoustic panels are Cradle to Cradle Silver certified and can be returned to nature as compost (biological cycle).

Troldtekt wave won the Green Product Award 2015, the ICONIC Award 2015 and the German Design Award 2016. Read more about the design awards >

Troldtekt, Speakers

The Troldtekt wave panels are available with Troldtekt speakers integrated and concealed in the Troldtekt ceiling or wall. There are no visible cabinet speakers or wires, rather architectural simplicity and clear lines. The speakers are based on modern technology ensuring top quality sound reproduction. At the same time, the Troldtekt panels provide optimum acoustics in the room, distributing the sound clearly and comprehensibly without any disturbing reverberation.

More about Troldtekt speakers >

Troldtekt Globe Systems

Globe systems

Read case study about Globe Systems where the open plan office is clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels. Classic white painted Troldtekt ceilings and wall cladding with: Troldtekt wave, Troldtekt mosaic and Troldtekt rhomb.

Installation instructions

Troldtekt wave

  • Troldtekt wave

    Troldtekt wave, installed with screws