Project solutions

Troldtekt project solutions are examples of special solutions that we have produced for specific projects. The solutions are not included in our standard range, but show some of our options when developing customer-specific solutions.

Contact our sales department if you have an idea for a special solution for a specific project.

Troldtekt project solutions are special acoustic solutions developed and produced for customer-specific projects

Troldtekt® acoustic synecdoche

Troldtekt acoustic synecdoche is sculptural and sound-absorbing floating acoustic clouds. The synecdoche is composed of identical, rectangular Troldtekt acoustic panels with a slot on all four sides.

Troldtekt Project Solutions

Customised Troldtekt ceiling capsules

At a pharmaceutical company, a specific idea for floating acoustic clouds was realised using Troldtekt’s CNC technology.

Troldtekt Project Solutions

Sound-absorbent and visual element

Troldtekt ceiling baffles produced on site are effective sound absorbers as well as being strong visual elements adding both structure and rhythm at the educational institution FlowFactory in Haderslev in southern Jutland.

Ceiling baffles with integrated lighting

A ceiling solution with baffles which were created on site from standard Troldtekt acoustic panels integrates sound-absorbing properties with ceiling lighting.

Troldtekt Project Solutions