Winner of the Wood Wool Award 2015

WOOD WOOL AwardTM 2015 - The winners

Watch the film featuring the WOOD WOOL AWARD 2015-winners, Force4 Architects and 4A Architekten, and member of the jury, David Basulto, editor in chief at ArchDaily.

Winner of the WOOD WOOL AWARD 2015 in the category “Manufactured by Troldtekt”:

New natural and cultural center in Krik, Denmark by Force4 Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
Product: Troldtekt, ultrafine

The jury commented:
The use of wood wool panels in this building reflects the main aim of the project to use the same material externally on facades and roofs and internally for the cladding of ceilings and walls. It is almost as if the building has been wrapped in a warm jacket, both outside and inside.

The robust and durable material also reflects the wind-swept surroundings of the building which faces directly out to sea. Furthermore, the jury emphasised that you don’t need to look up to experience the material but can touch and feel it all around you. The natural product also gives the building a warmth that contrasts nicely with the other materials. It also makes for easier maintenance in the public areas.

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Winner of the WOOD WOOL AWARD 2015 in the category “Other manufacturer”:

Refurbishment Sports Centre in Leonberg, Germany by 4a Architekten GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Product: Heradesign, ultrafine

The jury commented:
This project proves the durability of wood wool panels and the suitability of the material for use in sports halls and wet areas such as swimming pools. Furthermore, the wood wool panels are used not only as acoustic wall and ceiling cladding but also serve as decorative elements and direction finders. The colours of the original routing system have been transferred onto the ceiling guiding the visitors through the building and also reflected in the interiors of the different rooms.


The jury panel comprises three internationally renowned architects:

Mikkel Frost Architect MAA Co-founder & Partner at CEBRA A/S Denmark
David Basulto, Architect Co-founder, Editor in Chief at  ArchDaily  Chile
David Gianotten Managing Partner-Architect at OMA The Netherlands