Environmental approval provides systematic overview

As a manufacturing company, Troldtekt must document compliance with many different requirements to ensure that it does not negatively impact the environment. For example, in relation to noise, air pollution, waste management and wastewater.

Troldtekt CSR 2017

So far, these environmental conditions have been reported individually to the relevant authorities, but this is changing because, in expanding our production, Troldtekt is using more and more cement each year. This means that, going forward, Troldtekt must have an environmental approval that takes our overall environmental impact into account.

To obtain this environmental approval, a number of conditions must be adhered to. They cover, for example, the storage of raw materials, noise limits and control procedures. On the other hand, these conditions no longer have to be reported individually, which results in a more systematic overview. 

Grass and cherries create a myriad of life

A new bank of earth on Troldtekt’s land will soon be full of the buzzing of bees and the chirping of birds.

In connection with the expansion of our production facilities, a large volume of surplus soil is being deposited and planted to prevent sand and soil erosion. The planting is carefully designed to create the best possible conditions for wildlife and biodiversity throughout the year. And it will be particularly attractive to the smallest animals and insects.

“The bank of earth will be sown with grasses that provide good living conditions for both butterflies and bees. The plants will flower at different times, with berries for the birds in winter, for example blackthorns and bird cherries. In addition, there will be some pine and spruce to build nests in,” says Uffe Bjerg, a landscape gardener with Lauge Bonde ApS who will be responsible for the planting.