Troldtekt goes for full FSC® certification

Troldtekt is increasing the proportion of sustainable FSC-certified wood used in production, and is now able to supply products which are ‘FSC 100%’-certified. At the same time, Troldtekt has phased out PEFC certification in order to focus on the FSC label.

Troldtekt satser fuldt ud på FSC-certificering

Now, even the smallest splinter of wood in Troldtekt’s FSC-certified acoustic panels can be traced back to responsible forestry operations. Until recently, Troldtekt has been delivering products in the ‘FSC Mix’ category, but has now been approved to deliver panels which are ‘FSC 100%’-certified, meeting stricter requirements for traceability and how the raw wood is handled in production.

At the same time, Troldtekt has been buying more FSC-certified wood, so that one in four tree trunks now live up to this sustainable designation. This proportion will increase further in future, as Troldtekt is seeing considerable demand for FSC-certified products.  

“We have a lot of customers who want to buy panels made using FSC wood. Not least because it has a posi­tive impact on a company’s sustainability performance, and earns credits towards voluntary sustainable building certifications. Recently, we have updated our internal procedures, and we are buying as much FSC-certified wood as we can,” says Renate Blom, environmental manager at Troldtekt A/S.

Streamlined administration
In connection with the updating of our internal procedures, Troldtekt was assisted by FSC Danmark, of which Troldtekt is a member. FSC Danmark is the Danish office for the international FSC organisation. The review looked at all aspects of the business, from procurement to production.

“Basically, it’s all about keeping things separate, so that you can always be sure that only sustainable wood is being used in FSC-certified products. In companies such as Troldtekt, which started buying sustainable wood early on, procedures have often evolved slowly, and a lot of the know-how has been passed down over the years. We were able to contribute external insight, and point out areas which could be streamlined,” says Loa Dalgaard Worm, Director at FSC Danmark. 

Going all-in for FSC
At the same time, Troldtekt has decided to no longer certify products according to the PEFCTM standard. In future FSC will be the only sustainable certification which customers, suppliers and employees will need to think about.

“Fewer customers are demanding PEFC-certified products compared to FSC. The requirements of both certifications are changing all the time, and are not completely the same. So, to simplify our internal processes, we’ve decided against ‘double certification’, and will in future go all-in for FSC,” says Renate Blom.

Facts about Troldtekt and FSC®

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council®, and is an international non-profit labelling scheme for wood and paper which was established in 1994. FSC is based on ten fundamental principles for responsible forestry management, which serve as a kind of constitution for the FSC and apply to the management of FSC-certified forests around the world.

Troldtekt achieved FSC certification in 2013, and since 2018 has been approved as a supplier of products in the ‘FSC 100%’ (FSC®C115450) category, which means that all the wood in a single panel complies with the FSC requirements.

For example, FSC counts towards Cradle to Cradle, and earns credits ­towards voluntary certifications such as DGNB, LEED and BREEAM.