Case: New painting hall results in less waste and greater job satisfaction

A fully automated painting facility has reduced the amount of paint which Troldtekt wastes by more than 70 per cent. The hall and the new technology have given the working environment a lift.


There is a growing demand for painted panels. The new painting facility is more efficient and cuts waste.

Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Malerhal

Several hundred thousand litres of paint are used every year to paint Troldtekt acoustic panels in white, grey, black and special colours. There is a growing demand for painted panels, and in 2016 Troldtekt therefore invested a total of DKK 13 million in a new painting facility and a brand new hall in which to house the system.
– Even though we were painting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the old system could no longer keep pace. The plan was to find space for a new painting system in our existing buildings. However, by constructing a completely new hall, we’ve been able to design a fully automated production line that is more efficient and offers a far better working environment, says Orla Jepsen, factory manager at Troldtekt.

The best technology
When a machine paints the panels, there will always be a certain amount of waste. Some of the spilled paint can be re-used in production, while a small amount is collected in filters which are incinerated without polluting the environment. However, with the new system, the amount of paint being wasted has been reduced by over 70 per cent.
– We chose the most expensive of the two options, because it was the machine which ensured minimum resource waste. Also, it’s easier for our employees to clean and maintain it, says Orla Jepsen. 
He also mentions that the new facility requires less energy for air extraction in the hall and for drying the painted panels. However, it is too early at this stage to say how big the energy savings per produced square metre will be.

No more manual work routines
The new painting facility has significantly boosted job satisfaction. The employees no longer have to handle the panels manually – instead they operate the forklifts and monitor the system. However, as the new solution is fully automated, there is more technology that they need to understand.
– It’s good for the working environment that there is no longer any manual lifting. On the other hand, the technology places new demands on our operators. To equip them in the best possible way, we’ve entered into an agreement with the company that supplied the painting system on help with the training, says Orla Jepsen.
He adds that the employees now also have a lighter and more attractive working environment:
– As we were in the process of designing a light and airy hall covering 1,200 square metres, we realised it was an obvious opportunity to showcase our design solutions. Therefore, the hall also functions as a showroom which was received with great enthusiasm by both employees and guests. 

Employees’ comments on the new painting facility

Lilly Bonde Pedersen, machine operator
“The new painting facility is much more sophisticated and boasts millimetre precision. It also places different demands on us employees.”
Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Malerhal

Morten Søndergaard, machine operator
“I think it’s very positive that there is less waste with the new system, and that it also handles more panels than the old system. It cuts costs, and ultimately contributes to greater job security.”
Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Malerhal

Torben Pehrson, machine operator
“Thanks to the new hall, our work now takes place in nice and cheerful surroundings. However, the new painting system means that we’ve had to take a lot of new information on board.”
Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Malerhal