Ready with answers about sustainable points

In 2018, two Troldtekt employees completed the DGNB Consultant training programme. This means that we are now even better able to advise architects and clients on certifying sustainable buildings.
In 2018, two Troldtekt employees completed the DGNB Consultant training programme

Which criteria are important in a sustainable building? And how does a building earn enough points to obtain DGNB certification? These are some of the issues on which project consultant Bente Therkildsen and technical adviser Michael Christensen from Troldtekt are now able to provide valuable input for architects and builders. In 2018, the two employees completed a DGNB Consultant training programme.

“In practice, it means that we now have in-depth knowledge about the certification and the five categories of certification criteria. Also, we now have a better insight into how Troldtekt’s products contribute overall to what constitutes a DGNB-certified building. Among other things, it’s all about making the choices that earn enough sustainable points,” says Michael Christensen.

Snowball effect
As a project consultant, Bente Therkildsen finds that the level of interest in DGNB is like a snowball that is slowly rolling along and getting bigger and bigger. It takes time, but it’s happening.

“Interest is growing, in particular around larger cities, and especially in connection with major construction projects. However, many stakeholders still need convincing before a client chooses to have the building certified. I hope that, as a DGNB consultant, I’m able to help the architects who still feel slightly uncertain about the scheme, and that I can shed light on the value of being certified,” she says, and continues:

“I’ve already met builders who really prick up their ears when I introduce myself as a DGNB consultant.”

The psychiatric hospital GAPS in Slagelse is just one example of a DGNB-certified building with Troldtekt acoustic panels

Ramboll has prepared reports and accompanying documentation packs so that it is now easier for DGNB auditors to assess Troldtekt’s specific contributions to DGNB building certification.

The documentation shows that Troldtekt can contribute more than half of the points for the overall DGNB certification. Troldtekt has already been chosen for a number of DGNB-certified buildings, including the Turbinehuset office building in Copenhagen, the psychiatric hospital GAPS in Slagelse on western Zealand, and Denmark’s first DGNB-certified school in Frederiksberg, also in Copenhagen.

Troldtekt provides documentation packs for both the Danish and the German versions of DGNB, and also for the Swedish Green Building Council (Miljöbygnad) as well as for LEED and BREEAM.

Troldtekt A/S is a member of the Danish Green Building Council (DK-GBC) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB)

What is DGNB?

  • DGNB stands for ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen’ (German Sustainable Building Council), and is the German sustainability certification for buildings.
  • DGNB was launched in 2008, and is based on a holistic approach to sustainability.
  • In Denmark, Green Building Council Denmark has chosen DGNB as the most suitable certification for adapting to Danish conditions.
  • The first Danish version of DGNB was published in 2012, and has since been updated. A building can achieve DGNB certification at Silver, Gold or Platinum level.