Troldtekt & Human rights

Case 2017: Anti-corruption: A focus at all levels

When Troldtekt expands into markets outside Denmark, corruption is a very real issue. Therefore, all salaried employees in the company are involved in our focus on anti-corruption.
Troldtekt, CSR report 2017

Case 2016: Anti-corruption: New rules highlight grey areas

Growing exports go hand in hand with a greater risk of encountering dilemmas about corruption. As part of joining the UN Global Compact, Troldtekt already has an anti-corruption policy. The management will now work to future-proof these guidelines.
Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Menneskerettigheder

Case 2015: Trip to Taiwan provided an up-to-date overview

In 2015, Troldtekt conducted an audit of the company’s screw supplier in Taiwan. Here, Troldtekt could see through a personal inspection that the supplier meets the requirements within labour rights and human rights.
Troldtekt and Human Rights