Anti-corruption: A focus at all levels

When Troldtekt expands into markets outside Denmark, corruption is a very real issue. Therefore, all salaried employees in the company are involved in our focus on anti-corruption.

Troldtekt, CSR report 2017

At Troldtekt’s annual values day for employees in 2017, environmental manager Renate Blom gave a presentation on anti-corruption for all employees. The presentation was meant to help employees identify the difficult grey areas of corruption, and act correctly when faced by uncertain ­situations. The presentation was already given to Troldtekt’s sales team back in 2016 – but now the issue has been brought to the attention of a larger group of employees.  

Support for company’s focus
The presentation on anti-corruption was welcomed by employees. One of them is Lene Jørgensen, a delivery planner, who supports Troldtekt in making this a priority area.

“I think it makes a lot of sense that everyone in the company is involved in such an important topic. For me, it’s crucial that we all know about the situations and the forms in which corruption can occur. It’s obviously the only way that we can pay extra attention to the grey areas, and thereby avoid corruption altogether,” says Lene.

Common guidance 
Lene spends most of her time planning deliveries on the Danish market. In her daily work she is therefore not usually in direct contact with customers where corruption is a major risk factor. However, she still thinks that the presentation on the values day was rewarding.

“In the past, I haven’t thought a lot about corruption, so the pre­sentation on the difficult grey areas was something of an eye-opener. Of course, it’s probably more of an issue at management level, but it’s important for all of us to know when something is acceptable or not. In general, I think it’s reassuring to know that anti-corruption is something that Troldtekt is focusing on and setting guidelines for,” says Lene Jørgensen.

New guidelines on the way

  • In 2018, Troldtekt’s focus on anti-corruption will be addressed in a set of guidelines which employees can refer to in their working lives.
  • The guidelines will, among other things, describe the principles that all salaried employees have heard about as part of internal presentations in 2016 and 2017.
  • Troldtekt’s CSR policy already contains some principles within this area. For example, no employee may, without the Board of Management’s permission, accept gifts in excess of DKK 900.
  • Anti-corruption is one of the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which Troldtekt has joined.