A textbook case

Frederik Søgaard Haunstrup was thrown into a somewhat unusual apprenticeship assignment. ‘Prevent future industrial injuries’ was the gist of it. The metalsmith apprentice welded together a solution that now enhances employee safety on the conveyor belt and creates peace of mind.
Troldtekt, CSR report 2017

Troldtekt has considerable focus on preventing industrial injuries, and the goal is zero. Unfortunately, however, an accident on a conveyor belt resulted in a twisted knee.

Troldtekt’s metalsmith apprentice ­Frederik Søgaard Haunstrup was assigned to the case. And the result is a good example of the way in which Troldtekt benefits from having apprentices on the team. 

“One of our men was standing on a conveyor to straighten a stack of acoustic panels. Stepping down, his foot was caught in gap, and he ended up twisting his knee. That gap needed to be covered one way or another, I thought, so no one can put their foot in the wrong place again. So I applied the knowledge which I’ve gained at Troldtekt and at school, and now the conveyor belt is safe,” says Frederik.

Welding one’s way to a safe working environment
The somewhat unusual welding task actually suited Frederik really well. It allowed him to be creative and use his experience to measure, saw and weld his way to a solution for a safer working environment. 

“I measured out and sawed a piece of square iron which could cover the gap on the conveyor belt. Then I welded on the iron, drilled holes and bolted a large grating in place, so that the gap which caused the accident is now covered. I was actually able to apply much of what I’ve learned doing this. So it made sense that I was involved in finding a solution,” says Frederik.

A safe working environment is a high priority for Troldtekt, which aims to prevent industrial accidents and injuries through employee ­representation on occupational health and safety and liaison committees. It therefore stands to reason that Frederik and his colleagues are part of the preventive occupational health and safety work.