Maja’s regained self-confidence at Troldtekt

For Maja Juul Mathiasen, a trial job in the carpentry workshop at Troldtekt was a way out of stress and long-term sick leave. And now she has a permanent job in production.
Troldtekt, CSR report 2017

As a qualified social educator, it wasn’t on the cards that Maja Juul Mathiasen should one day be spending her working life cutting out insulation materials and driving a truck. However, having been out of work for some time, she was more than ready when the job centre suggested a job trial at Troldtekt. Before that point, the mental strain of unsuccessful job applications had been close to making her give up completely.

“I was beginning to doubt my own skills, and whether there was any need for me at all. At the end, I felt so depressed that my doctor sent me on sick leave due to stress. When the job centre suggested a job at Troldtekt, I was more than ready, because I desperately needed to feel useful and get some structure back into my life,” says Maja.

Must make sense for all parties
At Troldtekt, production manager Kim Snebang and his colleagues were ready to welcome Maja on board. Troldtekt has a good dialogue with the job centre, and other unemployed people have been offered a spell at the factory in the past.

“Our general view is that we welcome people who can use us to explore their options with a view to returning to the labour market. We just have to be sure that we can find the space and time to take good care of them, and that it makes sense for all parties. It’s important for us that the unemployed get something out of being here,” says Kim Snebang.

A calm workshop
During the job trial, Maja was working in Troldtekt’s carpentry workshop. Here, she prepared product samples, cut out insulation and glued it on to the acoustic panels. Unlike some of the factory’s other departments, the pace is not as high in the carpentry workshop, and therefore the permanent employees have more time to provide support and impart their knowledge.

“My first task was to put screws in a stand. It was monotonous, but it was just what I needed. And my colleagues were extremely sweet, praising me and patiently instructing me in new assignments as I became more independent. Bit by bit, both my health and my confidence returned,” says Maja.  

Although there is no guarantee that a job trial ends in permanent employment, it quickly became clear that Maja and Troldtekt were a good match. Therefore, Maja was quick to say yes when she was offered a job. Even though it meant that she had to go back to school to get a truck certificate. Because her time at Troldtekt has taught her that she is perfectly capable of operating “the big red lumbering vehicle” when panels need moving around.