Increased focus on safe workflows

In 2019, five lost-time injuries were sustained by employees at Troldtekt. Our aim is zero industrial accidents, and we are now launching a number of measures to further improve safety in our production facilities.

Increased focus on safe workflows | Troldtekt

High-vis reflective vests, precise traffic rules and clear signage. At a large factory like ours in Troldhede, clear procedures are needed to prevent industrial accidents. This is why we are systematically working with safety, but after five lost-time injuries in 2019, we are now intensifying this work further.

“Safety is a top priority, and we have a goal of zero accidents. All our employees must feel safe, and never doubt that they will return home uninjured at the end of the day. This is why it is of great concern to us that last year we suffered five industrial accidents, and in 2020 we are launching a number of measures to make it even safer to move around what is now a huge factory area,” says Orla Jepsen, factory manager at Troldtekt A/S.

He adds that in connection with the accidents, Troldtekt has a fully functional emergency response procedure, which also includes psychological crisis support.

On-site traffic and reflective vests

Several of the first safety measures to be introduced relate to on-site traffic. Every day, trucks whizz around stacked with acoustic panels, which restrict the drivers’ view of the surroundings. In addition, vans and trucks come and go from suppliers and business partners.

Increased focus on safe workflows | Troldtekt

“Of course, we already have clear traffic rules for the site, but now we are making them even stricter. For example, we’re making it completely clear where visitors have to park, and we’re considering whether more roads should be one-way,” says Orla Jepsen.

“Another key priority is visibility. Both colleagues and visitors must wear a high-vis reflective vest at all times. It’s reassuring to see how many colleagues are already good at reminding each other to wear their vest. We need to keep this up. An important aspect is addressing the challenge, and ensuring that we help each other to follow the procedures which are already in place,” he continues.

During 2020, more measures will be implemented in close cooperation between the occupational health and safety committee and management.