Case: Troldtekt panels delivered on sustainable pallets

When an order for Troldtekt acoustic panels is shipped from the factory, the panels are stacked on pallets from the sawmill Grønagergård Savværk. And just like the acoustic panels, the pallets are made of sustainable wood which can be traced back to responsible forestry operations.

Jan Kristensen gives a guided tour of Grønagergård Savværk.

Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Arbejdstagerforhold

The sawmill Grønagergård Savværk is situated in wooded countryside near Gjern to the east of Silkeborg, surrounded by tall trunks and green treetops in all directions. The sawmill, which covers a couple of hectares, has 40 employees who spend their days cutting raw logs of larch, Douglas fir and Norway spruce. The logs are transformed into patio decking, wood cladding, garden furniture – and not least pallets for Troldtekt.
All pallets used to transport Troldtekt products are produced at the sawmill Grønagergård Savværk. This is no coincidence, because just like Troldtekt, the sawmill only uses wood from Danish forests. Thus, even the tiniest splinter can be traced back to trees which have come from responsibly managed forests. Grønagergård Savværk is certified in accordance with both PEFCTM and FSC®.

Passion for good-quality wood
Grønagergård Savværk is run by Jan Kristensen, a qualified carpenter, and it is his passion for wood and solid craftsmanship which is behind the company’s growth to its present size. In 1987, Jan Kristensen had just a single saw, which he used to cut wood for his neighbours. Today, the sawmill has 5,000 square metres of covered premises and supplies private customers, institutions and industry.
All the sawmill’s products are made of completely clean, new and untreated wood. And producing pallets helps to ensure that all parts of the logs are used so that nothing goes to waste.
– A tree trunk is just like a pig. It has two ‘tenderloins’, which are used for patio decking, cladding, building timber, horseboxes and garden furniture. The rest is used for pallets and other types of wood packaging. Without our pallet production, all the surplus wood would be chipped and burnt, says Jan Kristensen.

A large oak log is cut into blocks on one of the sawmill’s large saws.

Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Arbejdstagerforhold

No crooked stacks
In addition to only using sustainable wood, Grønagergård Savværk also takes considerable pride in producing precisely dimensioned, high-quality pallets.
– We know that our pallet production means more to our customers than most people probably realise. Because without pallets, Troldtekt wouldn’t be able to ship its panels out to its customers. And if the pallets are not precisely dimensioned, then the pallets loaded with Troldtekt acoustic panels will be crooked, which causes problems during both storage and shipping, says Jan Kristensen.
Because of their high quality, each pallet can be used between five and seven times before it has to be discarded. And because the pallets are made from pure wood, they can be burned without any negative environmental impact.

Shared values
Troldtekt’s cooperation with Grønagergård Savværk is a good example of how important it is to choose the right suppliers in order to realise the vision of sustainable production. 
– We go out of our way to minimise our environmental impact and optimise our resource consumption and processes throughout the entire product life cycle. For this to succeed, we’re dependent on like-minded suppliers such as the Grønagergård Savværk sawmill, where quality and sustainability are deeply rooted in the company’s core values, says Troldtekt’s environmental manager Renate Blom.  


Troldtekt on pallets

  • In 2016, Troldtekt shipped 65,227 pallets to its customers.
  • 28% of them were returned pallets, which were reused.