Byens Hus brings light to Mørke

The town of Mørke on Djursland has undergone a spectacular urban renewal project, which has, among other things, resulted in a brand new community centre in which sustainability and recycling were key focus areas.

Troldtekt donated a ceiling for the building.

Byens Hus brings light to Mørke | Troldtekt A/S

With hundreds of thousands of Danes following the TV series Lys i Mørke (‘Light in Mørke’, ‘mørke’ being Danish for ‘the dark’), the small railway town on the Jutland peninsula of Djursland has ensured that its urban renewal project is known far and wide. One of the visions for the project which has manifested itself most clearly is the new Byens Hus community centre. The building is a reinterpretation of the old community hall, and was developed and designed by Peter Skjalm from RUM3 Studio. The idea is for the building to be used for everything from confirmation parties and Christmas markets to community evenings for the town’s residents.

“We were keen to have a neutral venue where the town itself could set the agenda. The old community hall was not very flexible and accommodating of different types of events. At the same time, Mørke also needed more venues for celebrating life’s key events, says Jakob Rauff Baungaard, who was one of the driving forces behind the building project.

Byens Hus brings light to Mørke | Troldtekt A/S

Brings everybody together

It was very uplifting for Jakob Rauff Baungaard to see how the town came together to complete Byens Hus in late autumn 2019.

“Many locals have been involved in the process, both newcomers and people who have lived here for a long time. It has been tough at times, because there was so much to do. We had a vision of using recycled materials as much as possible, so old boards have been planed, we’ve looked for second-hand furniture, and tonnes of bricks have been cleaned,” he explains.

On the first floor of the 200-square-metre building, Jakob Rauff Baungaard and the rest of the project group had problems finding a recycled ceiling that would ensure good acoustics in the large room with its vaulted ceiling.

“The solution was Troldtekt acoustic panels which tied in well with the building’s sustainable profile. We’re extremely grateful that Troldtekt agreed to support our project by donating a ceiling which is completely in line with the spirit of the place,” says Jakob Rauff Baungaard.