Exam project results in a ­daybed with Troldtekt

A photo of a stylishly decorated living room adorns the front of Tommy Mosgaard Jensen’s completed project report. The picture shows a daybed in pale mahogany with a grey Troldtekt acoustic panel and pillows in three colour shades.

Troldtekt, Exam projects with Troldtekt

The scene could almost be taken from a homes and interiors magazine, but the unique piece of furniture is not on sale in the shops. It has been hand-crafted by 44-year-old Tommy Mosgaard Jensen as part of his final exam as a production technologist. 

Sustainable education
Tommy Mosgaard Jensen had worked with wood and furniture design for over 20 years before he decided at a mature age to train as a woodcutting machinist and then as a production technologist specialising in industrial design and sustainability. Seeing how Troldtekt focuses on sustainability with his own eyes, he had no doubts. 

“A lot of time is devoted to Cradle to Cradle and sustainable design on the course, so it was inspiring to find out how Troldtekt works with them in practice. During my visit I was told, among other things, that Troldtekt would like their eco-friendly acoustic panels to be used for new and free-standing applications to complement their wall and ceiling products. Given my previous experience in furniture design, it was an obvious idea to create a piece of acoustic furniture with built-in Troldtekt material,” says Tommy Mosgaard Jensen.

Troldtekt - a DGNB branding specialist

How can companies join forces to tell positive stories about their contribution to sustainable construction? This is something that Rasmus Olsen has looked into in connection with his thesis at Copenhagen ­Business School. Troldtekt is one of the companies he has interviewed for his thesis.
In Denmark, DGNB is the leading system for the certification of sustainable construction, and with the documented sustainable properties of its acoustic panels, Troldtekt contributes to certifications. Rasmus Olsen has focused on the potential for companies to tell positive stories about their joint DGNB projects.

Keeping track of documentation
In his thesis, Rasmus Olsen takes US professor Michael Porter’s ‘shared value’ theory as his starting point, and uses PensionDanmark’s building projects as his case. However, ­Rasmus Olsen also looks at experience from, among others, Troldtekt.

“Many companies are very cautious about talking about their DGNB contributions. Troldtekt has been bolder, among other things with a press story about the company’s role in Denmark’s first DGNB-certified school. At Troldtekt, they’ve always made a point of documenting their DGNB efforts. These efforts are now benefitting their branding, where DGNB becomes a branding platform that combines commercial interests and social responsibility for organisations as wide-ranging as a pension fund or a materials manufacturer,” he says.