Information meetings and guarantee to buy neighbouring properties

The expansion of Troldtekt’s production will have a bearing on the entire town. Therefore, Troldtekt is making sure to regularly inform interested citizens, and has also issued a guarantee to buy the neighbouring properties.

Factory manager Orla Jepsen also makes a point of maintaining good relations with Troldtekt’s neighbours.

Troldtekt, CSR report 2017

A good talk and fair treatment is the right starting point for good neighbourly relations. This also applies to Troldtekt and its neighbours who live and work in Troldhede where Troldtekt acoustic panels are produced. At a time when Troldtekt is enlarging its factory and expanding its production, it is particularly important to maintain a positive dialogue with the local community so that noise and heavy traffic do not mar neighbourly feelings.

This dialogue takes place, for example, at citizens meetings which are held at regular intervals in Troldhede Hallen. Here, factory manager Orla Jepsen has held a presentation for about 100 people and answered questions about the expansion.

“Our neighbours in Troldhede are curious about the company’s plans for expanding its production facilities. On the one hand the project will have a bearing on, for example, the amount of heavy traffic to and from the factory. On the other, it also has a positive impact, such as more people moving to the area because of new job opportunities combined with rising house prices and busier local shops. Most people welcome such developments,” says Orla Jepsen, factory manager at Troldtekt.

Purchase guarantee on market terms
In addition to the public meetings, Troldtekt has invited the factory’s immediate neighbours to visit, so that they could see the factory expansion with their own eyes. We have also been in close dialogue with the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern, especially regarding plans to enlarge a viaduct under the railway. The viaduct leads into Troldtekt’s factory site so that heavy traffic can bypass the town’s main street, and here the company is bearing much of the cost of the enlargement.

For the company’s six closest neighbours on Østergade, whose properties neighbour the factory, Troldtekt has a very special offer – a guarantee to buy the properties at market value within three years, if the owners so wish. 

“All six neighbours have been interested in selling. We have had an independent estate agent value the properties, so the owners can be sure of getting a fair price. In this way, the owners don’t risk having a house that might be difficult to sell to a third party. On the other hand, we can then use the area for storage and further expansion, should the need arise,” says Orla Jepsen.