Case: Open factory strengthens the dialogue with neighbours

In spring 2016, everyone living in Troldhede was invited to an open-house event at Troldtekt’s factory, which plays a key role in the local community. Around 300 people showed up for a day with guided tours and a friendly atmosphere.

Dressed in high-visibility vests, the 300 or so visitors experienced Troldtekt’s production with their own eyes.

Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Samfund

The barbecue was burning, the Hjem-IS ice cream van was ready, and the production of acoustic panels in full swing. On Saturday 21 May 2016, about 300 people visited Troldtekt’s large factory in the west Jutland town of Troldhede. The guests were a mix of local citizens and people related to Troldtekt’s employees.
– Many people in the town have only heard about Troldtekt, but have never seen our factory, and the same applies to many of our colleagues’ families. Therefore, we invited everyone living in the town to an open-house event, says Orla Jepsen, factory manager.

Prominent in the town
Since 1935, Troldtekt has been producing cement-bonded wood wool panels in Troldhede, and after growth and expansion in recent years, the factory plays an even bigger role in the local community.– This is something that we’re very aware of, and we therefore wanted to give our neighbours an insight into what we do and the problems that you often face when running such a big production facility. We believe it creates a better foundation for the dialogue between Troldtekt and the local community, says Orla Jepsen.

"We have a responsibility to help people in the local area understand what Troldtekt acoustic panels are all about."
Orla Jepsen, factory manager

One of the main aims of the event was to give neighbours in Troldhede an insight into the problems that you face when running a large production facility.

Troldtekt, CSR 2016 - Samfund

Guided tours and entertainment
Six of Troldtekt’s employees had agreed to be guides, and, wearing high-visibility vests, groups of 20-30 guests were able to experience the production facilities at close quarters. Employees who had family members visiting were allowed to show them round themselves.
– We received a lot of positive feedback from the participants, who thought it was exciting with a guided tour. Also, the visitors included a gentleman who had worked at the factory in the 1960s. He was pretty impressed with our ultra-modern facilities, says the factory manager.

Possible repeat of the success
In a large marquee, barbecued sausages and drinks were being served, and in the area outside, children could have fun in a bouncy castle and get ice creams from the ice cream van.
– Several people asked when we’re going to stage the event again, and consequently we’re considering whether to hold it as a regular event every three or four years. We have a responsibility to help people in the local area understand what Troldtekt acoustic panels are all about, and in our experience an open-house event such as this at the factory is a very good way of doing so, says Orla Jepsen.