Sponsorship for tomorrow's architects

At Troldtekt, innovation is a fundamental value. Consequently, we honour students who develop new ideas for architecture.

In 2019, we were again the main sponsor of a competition in which students from Hamburg designed the school of the future.

Sponsorship for tomorrow's architects | Troldtekt A/S

Based on a specific construction project, six teams of students competed against each other in the run-up to SCHULBAU, the international fair and exhibition for educational institute architecture, in Hamburg in February 2019. Based on a site visit, research interviews and their own architectural ideas, the students had to submit their proposals for the design of the new campus Neugraben.

In the Hamburg area alone, billions of euros are being spent on new schools at the moment – so it is important to shed light on the best ideas for tomorrow’s educational buildings. For this purpose, six teams of architecture students from different local universities were able to present new and innovative ideas.

Support for a core area

As in 2018, Troldtekt was the main sponsor of the competition in 2019 – because we want to motivate tomorrow’s architects to work innovatively, and because we want to promote CSR in our new domestic markets, including Germany.

On the other hand, we have decided to discontinue our own competition – the Troldtekt Award – which invited international students to come up with new and original ways of using Troldtekt acoustic panels. Peer Leth, Troldtekt’s CEO, explains:

“The Troldtekt Award has provided us with some good and unusual input over the years, but we’ve now decided to change tack, and instead give students the possibility of trying their hand on a real construction project, which will subsequently be executed in real life. In Germany, there is a huge need for new schools and for renovating existing schools, and acoustic solutions for schools is one of our core business areas. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for us to support the competition at the SCHULBAU fair.

Involvement in study projects

Social responsibility is a fundamental value at Troldtekt. And assuming responsibility for educating young people is no exception. Each year, we receive a lot of enquiries from students who are interested in using Troldtekt in their projects. We welcome these enquiries and the interest which the students show in us.

In 2019, we also participated in these projects:

Internship provided data base

Two students from the bachelor programme Value Chain Management (VIA University College in Horsens) spent a semester as interns at Troldtekt. Beginning in August 2019, the internships took place at our factory in Troldhede. Here, the two students collected daily data on the efficiency of our machines (OEE) and reported their findings to management. The data formed the basis of our work with lean. Subsequently, we have employed one of the two students.

Contributed knowledge about Cradle to Cradle

A student from the Institute for Integrated Quality Design at Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria has written a thesis on the subject of ‘Cradle to Cradle and Take back’. To gather knowledge for her thesis, she spoke to companies with practical experience of this issue – and Troldtekt participated in an interview.