Toboggan run and Seniors Club

We’re building and building

- including a new toboggan run. And at Faster Seniors Club they are delighted with their new acoustic ceiling sponsored by Troldtekt.

Troldtekt, CSR report 2017

Troldtekt is expanding its production facilities in Troldhede by approx. 11,000 square metres in 2018. Soil has been removed, a layer of sand for the new buildings has been laid, and the contractor has set to work. If everything goes according to plan, the new production line will start up in January 2019.

During the excavation work, the community association in Troldhede asked whether the surplus soil could be used to build a toboggan run on the old playing fields. It could, of course, and Troldtekt therefore paid to have 1,600 cubic metres of soil transported and deposited on the site so that everyone in the town will be able to enjoy the thrills of tobogganing in the snow.

Delight with sponsorship at Faster Seniors Club

Faster Seniors Club now has a new Troldtekt acoustic ceiling, which the company has sponsored. The improved acoustics help ensure shorter reverberation times, making it easier to understand what is being said in the clubrooms. The new acoustic ceiling has been warmly welcomed by club members. 

“We’re extremely grateful for the new ceiling which Troldtekt has sponsored. The acoustics in the clubrooms are now much better, which we greatly appreciate,” wrote Helga Hansen in an email on behalf of Faster Seniors Club near Skjern. Troldtekt regularly provides financial support in the form of sponsorships to associations and organisations where good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate make a positive difference. Among other things, we support the Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing, the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association as well as the Danish Acoustical Society (DAS).