Eco-friendly production of acoustic panels

Troldtekt, Product life cycle

The production of Troldtekt acoustic panels

We have been manufacturing Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool at our factory in the Danish town of Troldhede since 1935. Production takes place at modern facilities in a closed system without any uncleaned wastewater discharge.

Energy consumption for production comes from a biomass facility established in 2017. The fuel consists entirely of wood chips and the heating is therefore 100% CO2 neutral.

Troldtekt is a Ørsted climate partner, with all electricity used for the production of Troldtekt panels deriving from wind power from the Anholt offshore wind farm.

The environmental impact from the production of Troldtekt panels is mapped out in our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which has been prepared by the Danish Technological Institute in line with the EN 15084 European standard.


Climate partnership

As one of the first manufacturers of construction materials in Denmark, Troldtekt A/S has signed a climate partnership agreement with Ørsted. In doing so, Troldtekt is committing to ensuring that 50 per cent of the company’s electricity consumption in 2015 comes from renewable energy such as wind power. The goal is stable energy supplies with zero CO2 emissions.

Facts about wind power

When a company signs a climate partnership agreement in which it states that wind power is the energy source, the company is buying a guarantee that Ørsted produces electricity at one of their certified wind farms corresponding to its consumption. The guarantee is obtained through RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certificates.

Download the GO (GUARANTEE OF ORIGIN) 2013.