Acoustic solutions for DGNB-certified buildings

How Troldtekt contributes to a DGNB certification

Troldtekt contributes positively to the DGNB-certification of buildings and, together with Ramboll Group, has made ready-to-use “pdf-packages” with thorough documentation for DGNB-auditors of the relevant DGNB-criteria.

Acoustic solutions from Troldtekt contribute positively to the DGNB certification of buildings

Below, you will find a list of the DGNB-criteria for which Troldtekt contributes with points and for which auditors can be given documentation. The list is based on the Danish DGNB-criteria. Please be aware that some criteria require product- and project-specific data.

Please note:
Troldtekt’s documentation for the criteria listed below contains confidential information and will therefore only be given to auditors.

Acoustic solutions from Troldtekt contribute positively to the DGNB certification of buildings
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DGNB is the German sustainability certification scheme for buildings completed since 2008. For Denmark, the Green Building Council Denmark (DK-GBC) decided to follow the DGNB guidelines and adjust these to fit Danish requirements. The first Danish version of the DGNB was published in 2012 and last updated in new 2016 manuals.

Due to fact that DGNB has been developed and adapted later than BREEAM and LEED, the certification is also known as a second-generation system and therefore based on different experiences. DGNB is very inclusive in its analysis of building and all aspects of sustainability are considered. DGNB stands for:

Gesellschaft für

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Selected Troldtekt cases with a DGNB-certification

Alnatura Arbeitswelt

With its new corporate headquarters in Darmstadt (Germany), the company Alnatura has been awarded the highest DGNB certification: a Platinum rating.

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The psychiatric hospital, GAPS, in the Danish town of Slagelse is certified at gold level according to the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) system.

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The Duevej School

The new extension to the Duevej School in Copenhagen has attained DGNB gold certification, with a supplementary diamond awarded for high architectural quality.

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The DGNB-goldcertified Innovest complex rises dramatically above the flat countryside of west Jutland (Denmark) like an enormous circular sculpture in shades of red, orange and yellow.

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Various firms rent office space in the building "Turbinehuset", which has been awarded a DGNB gold certification.

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Hirschsprung Hus

Following a high-profile renovation project, the Hirschsprung Hus has been awarded a gold certificate under the DGNB certification scheme.

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