COBE moves to Pakhus 54

Nordhavn - the new waterfront district in Copenhagen - is currently being transformed according to a new master plan for the area developed by COBE Architects in collaboration with Sleth, Rambøll and Polyform. COBE has now relocated all its employees to the former warehouse Pakhus 54 on a quay which is also popular with other architectural and design firms.

COBE Architects’ 130 employees have now relocated to the high-ceilinged warehouse, which also offers spectacular views of the sea and quite a lot of sky. Large windows have been installed to open up the building, and to give passers-by a sense that the warehouse now has a new role.

The entrance to COBE is an architecture café run by Depanneur, where you can drop in for a coffee and learn more about COBE’s work. COBE sees architecture as an extension of our homes, which is why it also seemed natural to create an open transition between the architectural office and the surrounding district which they are helping to design.

Balanced interior

All COBE employees work in the same, high-ceilinged room with large window sections in three directions. The meeting rooms are mostly placed in the middle of the building, reinforcing the idea that the office layout is conceived as a town with houses, streets, squares and alleyways.

Material samples, sketches and models are seen everywhere, and testify to all the projects that the company is currently working on. In spite of all the various elements, this ‘indoor town’ does not feel chaotic, as the décor is very simple and in keeping with the building’s industrial past.

White Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed between the concrete beams, to ensure good acoustics in the large room. The ceiling lighting is mounted on the beams, further highlighting the beam structure as a design element. Long, white curtains screen the sunshine, but also provide a soft contrast to the concrete, columns and hard floors.


COBE Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
COBE Architects
Troldtekt Products
Ceiling panels:
Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels
White 101
Coarse (3.0 mm wool wood)
Edge design:
K0, square edges
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Architect Helene Høyer Mikkelsen
Architect Helene Høyer Mikkelsen