Acoustic variations for Globe Systems

Globe Systems is a key supplier of communications equipment, advice and support to a quarter of Denmark’s top 1,000 businesses including call centres.

Its head office is located in a business park near Søften, a small town north-west of Aarhus. Here, the separate administration and storage facilities are defined by different colours and finishes used on the façade. The interior is light and welcoming with many skylights in the roof which flood the interior with daylight, adding to the sense of space.

As a special feature, the open plan office is clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels. In addition to absorbing noise to create very short reverberation times, these dramatic designs combine to create a unique and distinctive look. There are three variations, all with different decorative effects: Troldtekt wave, Troldtekt mosaic and Troldtekt rhomb.

The long Troldtekt mosaic frieze creates a calm horizontal band, which is inherently simple, while on the opposite wall, large black and white rhomboid shapes form a floor-to-ceiling relief. This produces an interesting three-dimensional effect which does not dominate but spices up the interior. Elsewhere, two smaller sections with a unique wavy surface add other points of interest. The ceiling is also lined with traditional Troldtekt white painted acoustic panels.

All this goes to show that it is possible to give interiors a completely new dimension by using the concept of cement-bonded wood wool in imaginative and unusual ways.


Globe Systems, key supplier of communications equipment, advice and support, Denmark

Globe Systems

Troldtekt Products
Ceiling panels:
Troldtekt acoustic panels
Painted white 101
Wall panels:
Troldtekt wave, Troldtekt mosaic and Troldtekt rhomb
White, grey and black
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Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA
Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA