Better home acoustics

Good acoustics are not the preserve of offices and public buildings - why not have good acoustics in your home? In Allerum north of Helsingborg, Yvette and Anders Lindell have built their dream home with fantastic acoustics. The ceilings are clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels.

– We call our villa ‘the ego house’, says Yvette Lindell with a smile. We have a bedroom down here, an office upstairs and then this large kitchen/living room. We could easily have created another storey, but opted for high ceilings instead.

When their children left home, the couple decided that now was the time to build their dream home. Yvette and Anders contacted Heidi Mikaelsen at the architects Dreams & Coffee AB in Enköping, who designed a house for them with an open-plan arrangement and plenty of space for guests – exactly as they wanted it. Last year, they moved into their new home. Anders builds swimming pools, and has obviously made sure there is one at their new house. It is just outside their bedroom, where there is also an outdoor space under a large overhang, which is clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels. Yvette originally comes from Brøndby outside Copenhagen, but has lived in Sweden for more than 30 years. She has known about Troldtekt for a long time, and has been extremely happy with the service she’s received whenever she’s needed to contact the company. Together with one of her daughters, Yvette runs the company Styling by D.E.Y., which was responsible for the interior design of the house.

– We decided to use Troldtekt acoustic panels instead of plasterboard, explains Yvette. It was our own idea! It creates a more interesting look and really good acoustics, and then it’s also much easier to install the panels as they don’t need to be filled and sanded like plasterboard.


New private home in Helsingborg, Sweden, Instagram: @husdrommen.lindell
Dreams & Coffee AB
Troldtekt Products
Ceiling panels:
Troldtekt acoustic panels
White 101
Ultrafine (1.0 mm wood wool)
Edge design:
5 mm bevelled edges, K5
With Troldtekt screws
Text & Photos
Leo Gullbring, Calimero
Leo Gullbring, Calimero