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The production of Troldtekt®

Take a tour of our production facility and see how Troldtekt acoustic panels are manufactured - all the way from raw materials to the final product.

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Troldtekt, The production of Troldtekt


With the Cradle to Cradle principles as a strategic management tool, Troldtekt is fully focused on sustainability throughout the life cycle of its products, from the extraction of raw materials through the production to the use and reuse of the acoustic panels.

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Troldtekt - Sustainability video


Good acoustics are important for the well-being both at home, in school and at work.

Learn more about the importance of good acoustics and get an introduction to the most important concepts within room acoustics.

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Troldtekt, acoustics video

They have chosen Troldtekt®

Be inspired by these videos with families sharing their stories about the acoustics in their homes before and after installing Troldtekt acoustic solutions.

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Troldtekt, case story videos


Experience the acoustic solutions from Troldtekt, including our award-winning Troldtekt design solutions that combine good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with expression and character.

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Black Troldtekt line acoustic ceilings with milled grooves create an intimate atmosphere at the Danish Restaurant Strandtangen


Tips and guidance for the correct installation of Troldtekt acoustic solutions.

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Troldtekt, installation videos


Videos about Troldtekt's competitons and awards. Learn more about our WOOD WOOL Award and Troldtekt Award and watch the presentations of previous winners.

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Troldtekt, Award videos

Texted videos

Several of our Troldtekt videos are subtitled for the hearing impaired.

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Troldtekt subtitled videos