Wall panels for good acoustics

Wall design has a major impact on a room’s overall look. Have you considered choosing wall cladding that enhances the aesthetics and comfort of the architecture?  

Troldtekt acoustic panels are the natural choice for one or more walls in a room if you want to combine unique design and good acoustics.

When you choose Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool as a wall cladding for acoustic control, you can also add a look to the room that matches your style.

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Troldtekt, Kulturhavn Gilleleje

6 good reasons for choosing Troldtekt® wall cladding

Examples of how others have clad their walls

Integrated wall decoration

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Integrated solution for walls and windows

>> See case about Velux Collection

Wall clad with Troldtekt® design solution

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Wall cladding with colour interplay

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Acoustic walls as a cohesive element

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Design your own acoustic wall

Give your wall colour and texture

Do you prefer painted walls, or the inherent colours of natural materials? Do you want your wall to have a coarse or ultrafine texture?
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A wall with a unique design

Do you want a wall with an eye-catching pattern that also ensures good acoustics?
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Combine art and acoustics

Decorate your wall, while also giving the room good acoustics – using prints or CNC technology. 
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Wall cladding

Select your wall type

Troldtekt sound-absorbing ceiling panels give you freedom to design your preferred solution. Explore the possibilities in our online product configurator.

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