Architecture for seniors

Demographics are moving towards a greater proportion of elderly people in the population. This calls for more flexible, high-quality architecture.

High-quality, flexible architecture

As a result of demographic trends, the proportion of elderly people in the population is growing. This calls for more flexible, high-quality architecture, where seniors can live for many years even if their needs change. Discreet design measures can, for example, make it possible to transform a completely ordinary home into an assisted-living facility.

In this feature, you can read about architecture for resourceful seniors as well as those who need more care. You can also visit successful examples of senior housing that are both homely, aesthetic and functional.

Moreover, you can read how Troldtekt acoustic panels can help to create healthy, comfortable and robust homes for seniors – and how good acoustics can become an integral part of characterful design.  

Why there is a growing need for housing for the elderly

In Denmark, the number of elderly people is set to increase significantly in the coming years – and they will live longer. However, the housing market is not geared to meeting the needs of elderly people. Dive into the facts and read the interview with an expert from Denmark’s largest real estate agency, who gives his take on the biggest challenges.

New needs among the elderly of the future

The number of elderly people will increase in the coming decades, and they will come with changing expectations and housing dreams. A partnership between the Danish pension fund PFA and OK-Fonden is setting out to meet some of the demand. In the article, the CEO of OK-Fonden talks about how the architecture of the future for the elderly will differ from today’s architecture.

Architecture for people with dementia must accommodate the individual’s life story

Rethinking the familiar is one of the architect’s most important tasks in working with future care centres for people with dementia. Here, homeliness and security are important keywords, and using familiar shapes and healthy materials matters when creating new homes and environments that are accommodating of the individual’s life situation and life story.

Skovparken Plejecenter: A worthy last home

A safe, secure and homely environment is crucial for the quality of life of elderly people with dementia. Here, textured and warm materials play an especially important role, as does functionality. For example, Troldtekt acoustic panels have been successfully combined with an advanced ceiling hoist track system.
Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in healthcare buildings

Why Troldtekt is the obvious acoustic solution in senior housing

Tranquility, character and cosiness. Troldtekt acoustic panels help create healthy and comfortable interiors in housing for seniors. At the same time, it is a robust solution that can be painted at least 15 times without compromising its acoustic properties.

References with architecture for seniors

Care home Hornbækhave

Hornbækhave is a new care home, where the focus has been on creating a caring environment and architecture that connects with the surroundings.


The residents of the Skovvang dementia care facility have received bright, welcoming homes, where their care is reflected in the architecture, decor and layout.

Postens Vej

Surrounded by the wooded conservation area De Kellerske Bakker, ‘Bofællesskabet Postens Vej’ consists of 60 sheltered flats for people with mental and physical disabilities.
Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in healthcare buildings


Solgaven in Valby, Copenhagen, is a residential care facility specifically for blind and visually impaired residents. The architecture and interiors of the complex are therefore designed to support residents in their daily lives, making sure they feel at home in the building and can easily find their way around.
Troldtekt Nursing home Randers

Huset Nyvang

In Randers, a modern care centre has been built according to the Dutch model. The 60 units are organised like a small village with single-storey houses.

Housing for seniors, Sønderborg

Sønderborg Seniorbofællesskab is an exceptionally successful senior co-housing project. The waterfront location near Sønderborg is sublime, with breathtaking views of Alssund, and only a matter of metres from the water’s edge, where you can launch a kayak or simply enjoy the sunshine on the wooden jetty.

Care centre Ølgod

Skovparken care centre for people with severe dementia is built as a coherent complex with wings extending into the grounds. Emphasis has been on using sensuous and sustainable construction materials.
Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in healthcare buildings

Bangs Have

The new nursing home in Struer in western Jutland has been designed with a safe and stimulating daily life in mind - for residents as well as staff. Richly varied materials and physical spatialities are combined with a good indoor climate.