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27.03.2023: Inspiration for our homes
Here, you can read how sustainability, a healthy indoor climate with superior acoustics and elegant design can all be combined in private homes.

15.06.2022: Goodbye to the desk?
Read about how office design will change in the future and be inspired by offices with good acoustics and an exclusive atmosphere.

25.05.2022: Future office design
This is how corona will affect the future office design. Inspiration from flexible office environments with a sustainable approach.

27.09.2021: Healthy schools of the future
Better school buildings post corona | Inspiration from schools that meet the needs for a healthy indoor climate and effective learning in 2021.

27.04.21: Healing architecture - visions and practices
Expert interviews about opportunities and pitfalls within healing architecture. How healing architecture finds its way into psychiatry.

21.12.2020: Architectural trends in swimming centres of the future
Read about 16 trends in the swimming centres of the future, discover the architects’ thoughts behind a number of newly built centres – and see how Troldtekt acoustic solutions contribute to a better user experience.

09.09.2020: Architectural beauty
Read about measurable aesthetics with WELL and DGNB, sustainability in material design, award-winning acoustic solutions - and much more besides.

22.06.2020: Building health and indoor climate
Read about materials passports, healthy office buildings, indoor climate building certifications - and much more besides

19.02.2020: Create architecture for sports and movement
Well thought out architecture motivates exercise / Architecture can get children moving / Sports complex & street sports / Sport requires good acoustics

14.11.2019: Sustainable construction certifications
Certifications raise the bar for sustainable construction / How Troldtekt contributes to the certification of sustainable buildings / Inspiration

27.09.2019: More wood in construction
Wood with an ecologically responsible footprint / New appetite for wood can drive innovation / Know-how to pave the way for more wood construction

29.08.2019: Build better childcare institutions
Play and sound in good childcare institutions / Architecture for children / The best children's institutions are not the same

14.05.2019: Superior acoustics with elegant design
How to freely unite form and function in interior design

01.04.2019: Swimming in good architecture
What does it take to create a good swimming experience? / Dive into an award-winning Danish lido / Troldtekt as part of the good swimming experience

24.01.2019: Come to Copenhagen
Lonely Planet: Copenhagen is #1 in 2019 / Sustainable visions / Guide to gastronomy with good acoustics

22.08.2018: Black is the new black
Create intimacy with black materials // Leading architects: How we work with black // Trend researcher explains the new trend of using dark shades

19.06.2018: Theme: Multi-purpose cultural centres
Mixing culture and community // Absalon buzzles with life // School lives on as villager's own building

09.04.2018: Theme: Healing architecture
Transparency in psychiatry // Social building blocks

28.11.2017: Theme: Transformation
Buildings should make life better // Designed for disassembly // Thoughtful transformation

12.09.2017: Theme: Architecture in the Capital of Culture
The seagulls have taken off, and the architecture is coming into its own // Aarhus architecture biennale intends to grow // Troldtekt card houses set the stage for biennale

10.03.2017: Theme: Innovation and architecture go hand in hand
Innovation makes good solutions better // Future design trends // German Design Award for Troldtekt rhomb

20.09.2016: Theme: Office
Interview with Philip Tidd, expert in office design / Inspiring TED talk on acoustics / New design solutions

30.06.2016: Theme: Acoustics in restaurants
NOMA in Australia / The researcher on sound and taste / Poor acoustics can cost stars

04.03.2016: Theme: Design
WOOD WOOL Award winners / German Design Award

05.11.2015: Theme: Sustainable Building
Five key certifications / Google's database Portico

29.09.2015: Theme: Anniversary
Call for entries for the WOOD WOOL AWARD / 80 years with Troldtekt

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