News 2017

15:e dec. 2017

Christmas 2017

Troldtekt is closed between Christmas and New Year.We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
21:a nov. 2017

New theme: Transformation

Around 40% of Europe’s material and energy consumption goes to construction. Using healthy, lasting materials and converting buildings for new purposes offers the potential for better resource utilisation. Read much more in our new theme focusing on transformation.
6:e nov. 2017

The creative factory

With great focus on good acoustics, ZENI Architects have chosen Troldekt ceilings and custom-made Troldtekt baffles as sound absorbers for FlowFactory - winner of the Danish School Building of the Year Award 2017.
2:a nov. 2017

Troldtekt honoured by VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN

Troldtekt acoustic panels are Denmark’s best building component. This was made clear after Troldtekt CEO Peer Leth received the Building Component Award 2017 last Wednesday, 1 November.

22:a sep. 2017

Rhombs create a sense of unity

In the offices of Danish company Wissenberg A/S, a rhomb wall by the stairs unites two floors as a strong graphic decoration while also ensuring good acoustics in the open working environment.
22:a sep. 2017

Village in the School wins Retrofit Award

The conversion of the former Nørre Vium School into Nørre Vium Sports and Cultural Centre is awarded the Danish Retrofit Award 2017.
7:e sep. 2017

New theme: Architecture in the Capital of Culture

Europe’s eyes are on Aarhus as European Capital of Culture 2017. As part of the programme, the architects in Aarhus are marking the year with, among other things, the Rising Architecture Week biennale.
14:e aug. 2017

New theme: Transformation

Resource consumption in construction can be reduced by choosing healthy materials with longevity and transforming existing buildings for new purposes. Materials' service life weigh heavily, and transformation and sustainable building are in focus like never before. In this new Troldtekt theme, we take a closer look at thoughtful transformation.
7:e jun. 2017

New technology yields measurable environmental gains

Substantial investments in production are resulting in marked improvements in energy and materials’ utilisation at Troldtekt A/S. A new painting facility has reduced paint wastage by more than 70%, while energy consumption per acoustic panel produced has been cut by 17% in a single year.
29:e maj. 2017

Danish capital honours beautiful buildings

The City of Copenhagen, has awarded prizes to 7 particularly beautiful buildings for their positive contribution to the urban environment. 2 of the prize-winning projects have Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.
25:e maj. 2017

CSR report 2016 now online

Troldtekt’s 2016 report on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities can now be downloaded from the company’s website. The report has also been submitted to the UN, as the annual CSR report is part of our obligations under the UN Global Compact scheme, which we joined in 2010.
6:e mar. 2017

New theme: Innovation

Innovation is part and parcel of the work of architects. But how do you work with innovation? Why is innovation not the same as untamed creativity and wild ideas? Which new design trends are emerging? Find the answers and much more in our new theme about innovation.
23:e feb. 2017

New alliance: Acoustic ceilings for cleaning the air

Troldtekt has entered into a strategic alliance with Photocat A/S about the development and testing of acoustic panels featuring new and revolutionary indoor-climate technology.
23:e feb. 2017

The Troldtekt Award 2016 goes to Romania

Two students from the architecture programme UAUIM in Bucharest have been awarded the Troldtekt Award 2016 and 5,000 euros. Both the runner-
up prize and a special prize go to students from Iran.