Experimentarium - one of the world’s greatest places

22:a aug. 2018

The American news magazine TIME has the recently reopened science museum in Copenhagen on its top 100 list of the ‘World’s Greatest Places 2018’. Much of the building’s good acoustics are down to Troldtekt.

Experimentarium at Tuborg Havnevej in Hellerup in north Copenhagen reopened in 2017 after extensive renovation and extension work. The museum has 16 interactive exhibitions and a fresh architectural style that is directly inspired by natural science and technology.

The new architecture has been well received by the American news magazine TIME, which has included Experimentarium on its new list of the ‘World’s Greatest Places 2018’. The list counts 100 destinations which are worth visiting right now. The destinations span 48 countries and six continents – and in addition to Experimentarium include the Tivoli Gardens amusement park and Restaurant Noma, both in Copenhagen.

DNA staircase and calm surfaces

Experimentarium occupies the former Tuborg brewery bottling plant, whose brick walls contrast beautifully with the new levels, which on the facade are clad in aluminium. TIME mentions in particular the main copper-clad staircase, which is designed to look like a DNA molecule.

The architects from CEBRA chose Troldtekt ceilings in fine structure for those parts of the building where calm surfaces were needed to ensure good acoustics, i.e. the public cloakrooms, the shop and the walkways around the roof-top terrace.

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