News 2019

25:e nov. 2019

Sustainability award for DGNB platinum-certified office building

The new Alnatura Arbeitswelt office building featuring Troldtekt acoustic ceilings has won the German Sustainability Award for architecture.

22:a nov. 2019

New design solutions win prestigious international award

Troldtekt® design solutions have been named winner of the German Design Award 2020.

12:e nov. 2019

Theme: Sustainable building certifications

Buildings documented as being sustainable offer benefits for the environment, users and developers. In an online theme, Troldtekt A/S focuses on the benefits of sustainable building certifications. The theme includes interviews with experts from Henning Larsen Architects and Ramboll, inspiration from sustainable buildings in northern Europe - and news about Troldtekt’s contribution to the leading certifications.

15:e okt. 2019

Cradle to Cradle paves the way for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Troldtekt will participate as an introductory speaker when the consultancy Vugge til Vugge Danmark hosts a learning session at the Building Green Copenhagen 2019 event.

30:e sep. 2019

Circular economy: Troldtekt shares knowledge in Stockholm

Transforming products for the circular economy will be the focus of the upcoming Design & Innovation Forum in Stockholm, hosted by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. As part of the programme, Troldtekt will participate in a panel debate.

27:e sep. 2019

Wood is the sustainable construction material of the future

Wood is a healthy, elegant and flexible natural material that makes a positive contribution to the carbon accounts. And when the wood is FSC®-certified, developers and consultants are able to document that it comes from responsibly managed forests. In a new online theme, Troldtekt A/S takes a look at the advantages and benefits of building with wood.

9:e sep. 2019

Troldtekt panels in sustainable Berlin laboratory

Troldtekt acoustic solutions have been incorporated into the world’s first C2C LAB in Berlin, which is a combined training centre, NGO office and ‘living laboratory’ for Cradle to Cradle certified building materials.

28:e aug. 2019

Build better childcare institutions

The number of children is on the rise in several northern European countries, and thus also the need for new childcare institutions. It is important to take the children’s perspective in the design of the new institutions, and for the architecture to support the development of mind and body. This is the point made by two experienced architects, Professor Jens Ludloff and Nathalie Dziobek-Bepler, in a new theme from Troldtekt A/S.

27:e aug. 2019

Meet Troldtekt at SCHULBAU Berlin 2019

The SCHULBAU exhibition will be held in Berlin on 11-12 September, providing inspiration for the schools and institutions of tomorrow. See our classic acoustic solutions, as well as our award-winning new series of Troldtekt® design solutions.

14:e aug. 2019

World Green Building Week: Troldtekt partners with host DGNB

Companies and organisations from over 100 countries will come together to raise awareness of sustainable construction during World Green Building Week on 23-29 September. DGNB - the champion of sustainable construction in Germany - will host the event, with Troldtekt as a partner.

7:e aug. 2019

New design solutions win distinguished German design award

Troldtekt’s new series of design solutions - enabling architects to combine superior acoustics with distinctive interior design - has won the ICONIC AWARDS 2019. The prestigious German design award will be presented by the German Design Council at an awards ceremony in Munich in October 2019.

5:e jul. 2019

New design series nominated for German Design Award

The series of Troldtekt® design solutions is in the running for the prestigious design prize awarded by the German Design Council.

27:e maj. 2019

Good acoustics at green think tank

Troldtekt has entered into a partnership with the green Swedish think tank Fores. In a new film, Fores CEO Mattias Goldmann describes how Troldtekt acoustic ceiling and wall panels support the think tank’s philosophy.

24:e maj. 2019

Inspiration field trip to Danish schools

In partnership with the SCHULBAU trade fairs, Troldtekt hosted a field trip to Aarhus this week for 27 German architects, school principals and other decision-makers involved in school building projects.

21:a maj. 2019

CSR report: Troldtekt offcuts used in new cement

Throughout 2018, Troldtekt A/S and Aalborg Portland A/S worked together to find ways of recycling offcuts from Troldtekt panels in cement production. The trial scheme has now become permanent. Read more in our latest CSR report.

13:e maj. 2019

Theme: Superior acoustics with elegant design

With a new range of design solutions, architects get an exciting opportunity to combine the great acoustics of Troldtekt wood wool panels with a distinctive look. In a new online theme, Troldtekt A/S gives the architect behind the new design solutions the opportunity to talk about them - and show how they are used in beautiful buildings.

2:a maj. 2019

Experience the new Troldtekt® design solutions

New design line gives architects exciting opportunities to combine the great acoustics of Troldtekt panels with a number of distinctive and scalable looks. Take a close look at the new range of design solutions.

24:e apr. 2019

Troldtekt on display in DGNB’s showroom

Troldtekt’s proven focus on sustainable construction has resulted in a prestigious position in the head office of German DGNB in Stuttgart.
25:e mar. 2019

Modern swimming facilities require advanced architectural solutions

How do you design a swimming centre that will satisfy the needs of elite swimmers, playful children and wellness visitors alike? In a new theme, Troldtekt A/S looks at possible solutions. The theme includes interviews with an expert and architects - as well as reportages from successful swimming centres and outdoor swimming baths.

26:e feb. 2019

Troldtekt doubles capacity

Troldtekt A/S doubles its production capacity with an energy-efficient new production line in Troldhede, Denmark. In addition to reducing delivery times, the DKK 180 million investment will pave the way for growth in new and existing export markets. The production line was officially opened on 25 February when the Danish Minister for Finance, Kristian Jensen, cut the ribbon.

14:e feb. 2019

Troldtekt launches new design line

Troldtekt is launching a new design line in spring 2019, for people wanting to give ceilings and walls an architecturally exclusive look.

11:e feb. 2019

Good acoustics part of a star-studded dinner

Food, wine and service are at the top of any food critic’s checklist, but poor acoustics and a noisy atmosphere can drag down the overall assessment of a first-class restaurant. Domestic, the Aarhus-based Michelin restaurant, has made good acoustics part of the experience. Troldtekt A/S is celebrating the award of Nordic Michelin stars in Aarhus by presenting a guide to restaurants with good acoustics on the menu.

30:e jan. 2019

Strong partnership between DGNB & Troldtekt

Troldtekt’s well-documented focus on sustainable building was very much in evidence at the recently held BAU 2019 trade fair in Munich.

At BAU, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and materials, Troldtekt participated as a cooperation partner of DGNB - the German Sustainable Building Council.
23:e jan. 2019

Discover Copenhagen - number one among the world’s great cities

Copenhagen tops the Lonely Planet travel guide’s list of cities worth visiting in 2019. A high culinary standard and interesting architecture are listed among the reasons. A new Troldtekt A/S theme focuses on these two elements in the Danish capital, containing interviews and reports.