Join us at the launch of a new showroom in Berlin!

19:e apr. 2022

DAS NETZWERK für innovative Raumlösungen is now inaugurating its new Berlin showroom. Troldtekt acoustic solutions and other interior products will be showcased here in an inspiring office environment. An opening reception with relevant talks is being held on Thursday 12 May 2022.

The new Berlin showroom will become an inspiration hub for architects and contractors involved in designing office interiors and contemporary workplaces. DAS NETZWERK participants will exhibit their products in the shared showroom. The displays will include furniture, flooring, partition designs, lighting and Troldtekt acoustic solutions.

Construction professionals are invited to the inaugural reception, which is taking place on Thursday 12 May 2022 from 17.30. The address is Am Südkreuz, Wilhelm-Kabus-Str. 75, DE-10829 Berlin.  To attend, please email no later than 3 May.

The showroom has been open to visitors for some time already, but the reception was delayed pending an improvement in the COVID-19 situation.

Experience Troldtekt design solutions

The reception is an opportunity to explore the showroom and listen to a number of brief presentations which will be given by some of the exhibitors. Under the heading ‘Wenn negativ zu positiv wird’, Troldtekt will talk about how the new FUTURECEM Troldtekt acoustic panels, which are carbon-negative in the production phase, literally help to change a negative situation into something positive.

Visitors can experience Troldtekt design solutions first-hand on the walls and ceilings of the showroom. The design series, which has received both an ICONIC AWARD 2019 and a German Design Award 2020, makes it possible to combine superior acoustics with a healthy indoor climate and distinctive design.

See more photos and make an appointment to visit the showroom

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