Projects with Troldtekt highlighted at Tag der Architektur

4:e jul. 2022

In June, the German federal states held the annual Tag der Architektur. This was an opportunity for the public to visit, experience and discuss buildings all over the country. A number of the projects on the programme incorporate Troldtekt acoustic solutions in their design. 

At a wide range of buildings – from homes to offices, administration facilities, schools and older buildings – the doors were opened to the public in connection with Tag der Architektur. Nationwide, this year’s event took place on the weekend of 25-26 June. However, in North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein, the event was held earlier in the month.   

The event, which has been hosted by the German federal states’ chambers of architecture for more than 25 years, gives people with an interest in architecture the opportunity to take a closer look at a number of projects on site and to hear more about modern architecture and the advantages of using architects in connection with construction projects. 

Again this year, a number of projects with Troldtekt acoustic solutions were among the buildings that visitors could experience during Tag der Architektur.

“We’re very proud that our solutions are represented by Tag der Architektur in several states. It shows that German architects have generally welcomed Troldtekt acoustic solutions, which are still a relatively new product on the German market,” says Jesper Kvist, Country & Business Development Manager at Troldtekt GmbH.

Hesse: Two schools with Troldtekt

The Hesse state chamber of architects and urban planners (Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen) had two schools with Troldtekt on the list of buildings that were open to visitors in conjunction with this year’s Tag der Architektur.

  • One was Ludwig-Weber-Schule in the Sindelfingen district of Frankfurt. The Behnisch Architekten architecture firm has managed to create a new building which, in spite of its unassuming exterior, boasts plenty of space inside. Wood is a recurring material – and wood is also a primary raw material in the Troldtekt acoustic panels installed in the classrooms and sports hall. Read more about the school and see more photos
  • Troldtekt acoustic panels are also part of the architecture at the recently extended Valentin-Traudt-Schule in Kassel. Read more online at Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen (download Faltprogramm on the page (in German)

Bavaria: Buildings for children and culture

In Bavaria, Troldtekt can be found in four of the projects that were part of the state’s Tag der Architektur programme. Click on links to read more about the projects at Bayerische Architektenkammer.

  • LaubenderArchitektur has designed the temporary extension to Realschule Murnau in Murnau am Staffelsee. The extension consists of wood-based modules. See the photos and read more
  • With Kulturhof Stanggass in Bischofswiesen, Arc Architekten Partnerschaft mbB has reinterpreted a farm and stable building in the construction of a new hotel and event space for both locals and non-locals. See the photos and read more
  • Kinderland Kindergarten in Bad Tölz is designed by su und z Architekten BDA. All four groups of children are assembled under the very elegant roof structure. See the photos and read more
  • Architekten Stadtplaner Franke und Messmer BDA has designed Kulturscheune in Höchberg, which reinterprets the barn as a venue for cultural events. See the photos and read more

Berlin: Library and serviced offices

Architektenkammer Berlin had two projects with Troldtekt acoustic solutions on the programme. Click on the links to read more about the projects on the chamber of architects’ website.

  • raumdeuter GbR highlights the importance of the interplay between aesthetics and functionality, including the acoustics, when designing business premises. This is also reflected in the office building where the architecture firm itself is based in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. See the photos and read more
  • The newly built library Gertrud-Hass-Bibliothek in Neukölln was designed by architects Wieland Vajen. A distinctive element is the red-brick facade, where every other brick is recessed to create an interplay of light and shadow. The interior design varies so that each room has its own special character. See the photos and read more