THEME: Architecture in the big cities

Troldtekt theme about architecture, gastronomy and good acoustics in Copenhagen

The biggest cities in Denmark are often singled out internationally as some of the most worthwhile tourist destinations worldwide. This theme page takes you on a virtual trip to look at architecture in Copenhagen, and in Denmark’s second-largest city Aarhus.

Read about the two cities’ distinctive architecture, and the views of various architects on their development. You will also find a guide to delicious and charming eateries with good acoustics. Finally, you can explore a selection of restaurants, private homes, cultural sites and office headquarters in the metropolises where Troldtekt acoustic solutions have been installed.

Discover Copenhagen - number one among the world’s great cities

An extremely high culinary standard and a special ability to exploit the architectural contrasts between old and new have pushed Copenhagen right to the top of Lonely Planet’s list of cities to visit in 2019.

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Troldtekt theme about architecture, gastronomy and good acoustics in Copenhagen

Revival of classic architecture in Copenhagen

Stand-out buildings in the urban landscape are a thing of the past. The architecture of the new buildings springing up in Copenhagen’s new urban districts along the harbourfront has to match the surroundings. Copenhagen’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025 has also contributed to making sustainable certifications standard in construction.

Read interviews with Rita Justesen from CPH City & Port Development and Henrik Stener Pedersen from Ramboll.

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Troldtekt theme about architecture, gastronomy and good acoustics in Copenhagen

Science for all at Experimentarium

Copenhagen’s acclaimed science centre, Experimentarium, has re-opened with 16 interactive exhibitions following renovation and expansion.

The architecture has been directly inspired by science and technology – and TIME Magazine named the centre in its list of the ‘World’s Greatest Places 2018’.

Take a tour of the new Experimentarium >

Troldtekt Experimentarium

Tingbjerg Cultural Centre

Troldtekt Acoustic Panels Tingbjerg Library

A strong focal point for the local community has been established in north west Copenhagen. Wood is a recurring material inside, where natural wood Troldtekt panels and black-painted Troldtekt panels with pale wooden strips have been used.

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Ama'r Children's Cultural Centre

Childrens cultural centre_Amager

Gravity has been tested to its limits in the world’s first children’s cultural centre. Children have offered creative suggestions for the interior design. One feature is a ceiling with Troldtekt acoustic panels, decorated as a field of flowers.

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Troldtekt, Folketeatret

The latest renovation of Denmark’s oldest popular theatre has optimised the flow between the street and the theatre hall. The decor in the foyer is dominated by dark colours with a black Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceiling.

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The seagulls have taken off, and the architecture is coming into its own

Over the past seven years, the northern harbour areas in Aarhus have been transformed from a container terminal into an attractive urban district populated by exciting buildings designed by world-renowned architects.

Infusing new urban districts with life can be a challenge, but harbour baths, island gardens, restaurants and a 128-metre-high public viewing gallery will draw people to Aarhus Docklands.

Troldtekt, Aarhus Oe

Aarhus architecture biennale intends to grow

The architectural scene in Aarhus is like one big family, which in 2014 was brought together in The Architecture Project. The business cluster promotes Aarhus-based architects while creating jobs in the creative industries.

This is happening, among other things, through events such as Rising Architecture Week, which is taking place on 11-15 September in Aarhus. Jørgen Bach, chair of The Architecture Project and a partner at Arkitema Architects, describes the cluster’s ambitions here.

Troldtekt, Rising Architecture Week

Troldtekt card houses set the stage for biennale

Rising Architecture Week presents architectural events in Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture. In the creative environment at the former railway freight yard Godsbanen, the German architects’ collective Raumlabor sets the scene with an impressive Troldtekt installation.

The installation has been created using Troldtekt acoustic panels, which have been put together like ‘card houses’ up to five metres high. Once the biennale is over, the panels can be reused in building projects, say the architects.

Troldtekt, Raumlabor - Rising Architecture Week 2017

The "Volcano"

Troldtekt - Vulkanen, youth housing

The six-storey building at Aarhus Docklands houses 99 low-energy student flats. CUBO Arkitekter A/S and Terroir ApS have designed an aesthetic atrium in the heart of the building. The atrium is designed as an ever-changing space, where the colours on the glass panels are graded, and where the Troldtekt ceilings ensure a calm atmosphere.

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The "Harbour Houses"

Troldtekt Havnehusene

The block-like residential development has views across Aarhus Marina and houses 83 flats and 179 student flats. Havnehusene – or ‘The Harbour Houses’ – is a zero-energy project, and built with an ambition that quality should permeate the building inside and out. Grey Troldtekt ceilings ensure good acoustics in spite of the hard surfaces of the other materials.

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The "Warehouses"

Troldtekt, Pakhusene Aarhus

An outstanding location, high-quality materials and solid craftsmanship characterise Pakhusene – or ‘The Warehouses’ – at Aarhus Docklands. The three high-rise buildings are built from black-brown brick, and the rooms have a raw industrial look with concrete surfaces, exposed technical installations and Troldtekt ceilings in natural grey. The commercial units are inspired by the growing popularity of the sharing economy, the intention being that they provide services for local residents.

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