Theme: Architecture in the Capital of Culture

Aarhus Ø

Europe has Aarhus in its sights as European Capital of Culture in 2017. The city’s creative professions are enjoying the limelight, including a wide range of firms of architects large and small.

In this theme, you will find examples from the urban developer Rune Kilden of the fantastic changes taking place in Aarhus Docklands.

The theme also offers an interview with Jørgen Bach, a partner at Arkitema Architects. He is also chairman of The Architecture Project – a business cluster which is behind, for example, Rising Architecture Week. The architecture biennale is taking place on 11-15 September 2017 in Aarhus.

Rising Architecture Week is organising events in the city and a conference at Godsbanen, where "card houses" several metres high made from Troldtekt acoustic panels provide a backdrop to discussions about architecture as a solution to tomorrow’s challenges.

The seagulls have taken off, and the architecture is coming into its own

Over the past seven years, the northern harbour areas in Aarhus have been transformed from a container terminal into an attractive urban district populated by exciting buildings designed by world-renowned architects.

Infusing new urban districts with life can be a challenge, but harbour baths, island gardens, restaurants and a 128-metre-high public viewing gallery will draw people to Aarhus Docklands.

Troldtekt, Aarhus Ø

Aarhus architecture biennale intends to grow

The architectural scene in Aarhus is like one big family, which in 2014 was brought together in The Architecture Project. The business cluster promotes Aarhus-based architects while creating jobs in the creative industries.

This is happening, among other things, through events such as Rising Architecture Week, which is taking place on 11-15 September in Aarhus. Jørgen Bach, chair of The Architecture Project and a partner at Arkitema Architects, describes the cluster’s ambitions here.

Troldtekt, Rising Architecture Week

Troldtekt card houses set the stage for biennale

Rising Architecture Week presents architectural events in Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture. In the creative environment at the former railway freight yard Godsbanen, the German architects’ collective Raumlabor sets the scene with an impressive Troldtekt installation.

The installation has been created using Troldtekt acoustic panels, which have been put together like ‘card houses’ up to five metres high. Once the biennale is over, the panels can be reused in building projects, say the architects.

Troldtekt, Raumlabor - Rising Architecture Week 2017

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