THEME: Healthy schools of the future

Healthy schools of the future

Schoolchildren are our future. There is therefore every reason to ensure that they have the best possible facilities in which to develop and learn. However, every day the school bell rings at far too many run-down schools where a poor indoor climate is the norm. Problems with inferior air quality result in increased sickness absence and poor learning curves.

Fortunately, there are also schools that offer world-class facilities. At these schools, the local school authorities and their consultants have done their homework and chosen the best possible solutions. And made the acoustics, air quality, lighting, design and finances fall into place.

On this page you can read about both the challenges and technical solutions in modern schools. You can also see the difference that Troldtekt makes to the indoor climate in school buildings. Come and explore beautiful school architecture.

Nuuk School: Outstanding Arctic architecture

The architecture of Nuuk School is dictated by the landscape and the unforgiving climate.

Replacing a number of run-down schools, the school will have capacity for 1,200 children, but will also serve as a cultural centre for the rest of Nuuk.

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Healthy schools of the future

Better school buildings post corona

The corona pandemic has impacted children’s schooling badly and required a string of stopgap measures.

However, new schools are better designed for handling pandemics. This is the conclusion drawn by Marie Berg, who is responsible for new school construction in the Municipality of Gothenburg in Sweden.

In addition, a Danish architect is proposing improvements that can equip schools for future pandemics.

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Healthy schools of the future

New school of architecture encourages a sense of community

Aarhus School of Architecture has moved into its brand-new premises, where everything is housed under one roof. The result is a potential for stronger synergies than was possible when the school was spread across various locations. The new building – NEW AARCH – is, in fact, Denmark’s first newly built school of architecture.

The school has been conceived as a laboratory for learning and architectural experimentation. Copenhagen-based ADEPT has acted as the turnkey consultant, and architect and founding partner Martin Krogh shares some of the thoughts behind the project, which features several variants of Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

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Healthy schools of the future

Feldballe Friskole

The private school Feldballe Friskole wanted to create more space with an extension which had a positive climate footprint. The firm of architects Henning Larsen designed the extension, for whom the local school has been a sustainable ‘experiment’ which they hope to scale up in other projects.

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Healthy schools of the future

Magnificent wooden school is Denmark’s best

Erlev Skole in southern Denmark is Denmark’s first wooden school, and won the Danish School Building of the Year 2021 award.

The building is visionary in several ways. Both on account of its column-beam system and facades in wood, making it one of the largest wooden constructions to be built in Denmark in recent times. And also because the school is designed for personalised learning with flexible, open learning environments.

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Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in school buildings

School building of the year: Gothenburg’s new sustainable landmark

Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium in Gothenburg has won the Swedish School Building of the Year 2021 award.

Read the interview with KUB arkitekter, the firm behind the distinctive building where Troldtekt acoustic panels play a significant role.

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Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in schools and educational institutions

Six focus areas: How Troldtekt contributes to a better indoor climate in schools

Children spend about 20 per cent of their waking hours in school. School architecture is therefore very important for their learning and well-being.

Read how Troldtekt acoustic solutions help to improve the acoustics, air quality, lighting, design, durability and operating economy in school buildings. Moreover, these are all areas that contribute to a school’s overall sustainability.

>> The six focus areas

Troldtekt Skovbakkeskolen

Stadtteilschule Lurup

Healthy schools of the future

German Behnisch Architekten has designed the impressive building in Hamburg. The intense red and yellow tones used in several places contrast with the bright floors and acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt.

See photos and read more

University of East Anglia

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in schools and educational institutions

The University Enterprise Centre in Norwich has achieved the highest BREEAM classification (Outstanding). Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are chosen due to their impressive properties, aesthetics and sustainability.

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Espergærde Gymnasium

Healthy schools of the future

Espergærde Gymnasium has been given a larger extension with a beautiful balance in the choice of materials. Troldtekt line design ceilings bind all the rooms together, including the auditorium – and the wood colour contrasts beautifully with the concrete.

See photos and read more

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