Good acoustics with a vibrant design

Globe Systems has chosen to combine good acoustics with unique design in their head office in Søften, north of Aarhus, Denmark. The company selected Troldtekt wave, Troldtekt mosaic and Troldtekt rhomb panels. Globe Systems sells communications equipment to offices and call centres.

Troldtekt, Globe Systems

Acoustics have a major effect on indoor climate in modern offices. But aesthetics also plays a role for most people.

Troldtekt offers several design solutions that allow developers and consultants to give the classic acoustic panels a unique and vibrant design.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool is an honest material with a natural and characteristic look. The variety of colours, structures, edge designs and suspension systems permit a wide range of customised solutions.

Troldtekt has gone one step further by launching new design solutions. The Troldtekt wave, Troldtekt mosaic and Troldtekt rhomb products make it possible to combine good acoustics with unique design – for example in office environments.

All three design solutions offer the same good acoustic, fire-protective and indoor climate properties as the classic Troldtekt acoustic panels. The entire range of Troldtekt acoustic panels is Cradle to Cradle-certified in the silver category, whether 'natural' or painted in Troldtekt standard colours.

Troldtekt, wave

Troldtekt® wave: an award-winning wave panel

Troldtekt wave is a wave-shaped acoustic panel which gives wall and ceiling surfaces a sculptural, three-dimensional look. The varied undulating waves create a sense of movement in the surface while emphasising the material’s honesty and simplicity.

Troldtekt wave panels can be installed in repetitive patterns, horizontally or vertically, in stretcher bond or stack bond, allowing the architect to design their own three-dimensional surface for the sound-absorbing wall or ceiling surface.

Since its launch in summer 2015, Troldtekt wave has won several sustainability and design awards: the German Design Award, the ICONIC Award, the Green Product Award, and the Danish Building Industry Climate Award.

Troldtekt mosaik

Troldtekt® mosaic: a distinctive visual expression

Troldtekt mosaic is Troldtekt acoustic panels in varying panel sizes, designed in a selection of Troldtekt standard colours. Factory-painted panels are available in all NCS or RAL colours

Troldtekt mosaic gives the architect freedom to add a distinctive and unique visual look to a wall.  

Troldtekt rhomb

Troldtekt® rhomb: a three-dimensional appearance

Troldtekt rhomb gives the wall or ceiling a three-dimensional appearance. This design solution is an example of Troldtekt acoustic panels with CNC-milled pattern. Close up, the rhomb pattern looks like a beautiful, repetitive pattern of surfaces, while at a distance it appears as a formation of cubes in perspective.

Good acoustics, elegant design and sustainability are combined in one solution with Troldtekt rhomb, which by the German Design Council has been awarded with an ICONIC Award 2016 in the category Wall, Floor, Ceiling. In addition, the Troldtekt rhomb is winner of the German Design Award 2017.

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