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Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, restaurants

Did you know that noise and music have a bearing on our sense of taste? And that poor acoustics can cost a star in restaurant reviews? You can read more about this in this theme page.

The articles also highlight a number of restaurants that have elegantly combined gastronomy with good acoustics and distinctive design. And you can read about the architects’ thoughts on the interiors.

Several of the restaurants feature acoustic solutions from Troldtekt’s design series, which have won several international awards. Among other things at the German ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars 2021’ awards, which put the spotlight on evocative surroundings for meals.

Award-winning design for intimacy and elegance

Troldtekt design solutions combine superior acoustics with distinctive aesthetics – two elements that are key to giving restaurant-goers superlative experiences.

In 2021, the entire design series was among the winners at the ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars’ awards.

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In 2021, the Troldtekt design series was one of the winners at the ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars’ awards

The delicate connection between sound and taste

Which type of music should you play if you wish to enhance the taste of the spicy soup or delicious creamy chocolate you are serving? And what has bad acoustics to do with certain flavors?

Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, explains what the latest scientific research has uncovered about the intricate connections between our ears and our taste buds.

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Troldtekt, Restaurant Domestic, Aarhus

Acoustics are vital in the ‘coffice’ age

What do you get when you mix an office workspace with a coffee shop or café? The answer is a ‘coffice’.

The unique office environment Eminent, which is situated in the Malmö district of Hyllie, has such a coffice. Mixing work and relaxation requires considerable thought and care, explains one of the architects behind the project.

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Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in office buildings

A sustainable restaurant for a sustainable company

The headquarters of the Alnatura organic supermarket chain are located in Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt. And the office building – like the rest of the company – is anything but ordinary. This also applies – naturally – to the building’s restaurant.

In this interview, the interior designer Lena Götze from haas cook zemmrich STUDIO 2050 talks about the ideas behind the restaurant design.

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Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in school buildings

Poor acoustics can cost stars

If noise mars the dining experience, the restaurant’s overall rating may suffer, according to food writer Morten Vilsbæk, a member of the Danish food critics’ association Danske Madanmeldere.

Busy bistros and basement restaurants in particular should pay close attention to the acoustics.

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Naturalness in beer glasses and the design

Anders Busk Faarborg – designer, TV presenter and owner of the design company All That Matters (ATM) – has designed the interior of the ÅBEN beer bar in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city.

Here, home-brewed beer and the design of the bar go hand in hand. And considerable care and attention have also been devoted to the acoustics.

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Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, restaurants

Time stands still in unique sushi restaurant

After working as a chef in Japan, Mads Battefeld returned home to Denmark with the dream of establishing an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant.

Assisted by the architect Anni Baun Danielsen, he has now realised his vision in the form of the exclusive restaurant Sushi Anaba in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district. The interior design is distinguished by its simple, raw look.

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Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in restaurants

Guide: Experience gastronomy with excellent acoustics in Aarhus

The food and wine scene in Aarhus is both vibrant and varied. From trendy cafés and wine bars in the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter near the city centre to gourmet restaurants in the new Aarhus Docklands district.

This guide gives you an overview of eateries in Aarhus that – in addition to their gastronomy – have also gone out of their way to create a pleasant atmosphere with superior acoustics. Bon appétit!

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Experience gastronomy with good acoustics in Aarhus

Guide: Experience gastronomy with excellent acoustics in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers top-class food and wine – and a number of the city’s restaurants have made good acoustics part of the experience. A wise choice, because research shows that sound impacts our sense of taste.

See our guide to Copenhagen restaurants and cafés with superior acoustics. Enjoy!

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Troldtekt Sticks n Sushi

Limburger Hof


Following extensive renovations, the restaurant area at the German Kurpfalz Limburgerhof golf club has become a place of timeless beauty, impressing its guests with a variety of design elements. The stylish concept is completed by ceilings and walls covered with the design solutions Troldtekt line and Troldtekt curves.

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Restaurant Strandtangen

Black Troldtekt line acoustic ceilings with milled grooves create an intimate atmosphere at the Danish Restaurant Strandtangen

At Restaurant Strandtangen in the Danish town of Skive, high-quality raw ingredients and a stylish interior create memorable dining experiences. Good acoustics are ensured by the black Troldtekt line acoustic ceilings that play a key role in the design, while also creating an intimate atmosphere and a beautiful play of light and shadows. 

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Troldtekt, Brus og To Øl

In a former industrial building in the Cophenhagen district of Nørrebro lies the beer bar BRUS. The distinctly relaxed and inviting atmosphere is largely thanks to an uncompromising interior design based on conscious choices of materials with a focus on function and quality in every detail. White Troldtekt ceilings ensure good acoustics. 

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Accompanying Noma to Australia

Culinary excellence, Danish designer furniture and black-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels were the key ingredients that Noma used for its pop-up restaurant near Sydney.

For ten weeks, the restaurant served specially developed creations with an authentic Australian identity. All the tables were reserved in just 90 seconds, and 27,000 would-be diners had to reconcile themselves with a place on the waiting list!

Troldtekt - Noma Australia

How sound affects our sense of taste

Imagine if recipes included not only a list of ingredients but also a recommendation for the best music to play while eating.

According to Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, acoustics, noise, and background music have a significant impact on the way our senses perceive what we eat and drink.


Black Louis: Delicious food in calm waters

Having lived for five years on an old Dutch customs boat in Aarhus, Preben Hald and Tina Steen had the idea of running a café on the water. Such were their ambitions that they decided to buy a small ferry, and convert it into a restaurant.

After a total makeover lasting several months, the boat now has a professional kitchen, oozes charm and even boasts a public bar. Now, diners can board Black Louis (Sorte Louis) and enjoy food prepared with fresh Danish raw ingredients in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Troldtekt - Café Sorte Louis

Dinner overlooking the corridors of power

Rising 106 metres into the air, the main tower at Christiansborg Palace – home of the Danish parliament, or Folketinget – occupies a prominent position in the Copenhagen skyline.

During its restoration, the architects became aware of the huge potential of the large tower room with its eleven-metre-high ceilings. The space has now been transformed into an exciting restaurant, with public access to a large viewing platform.

Troldtekt - Christiansborg Castle

Café Kartoen in Geldrop

Troldtekt Cafe Kartoen

When a well-known Dutch café came under new management it was immediately subject to a very extensive programme of refurbishment. This involved upgrading and replacing everything from floors to ceilings and from services to interior decor. Now black-painted Troldtekt ceilings contribute with good acoustics and fit well into the café’s cozy atmosphere.

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Terrace Restaurant London Zoo

Troldtekt, Terrace Restaurant, London Zoo

One of the biggest restaurants in the UK for day guests is located at ZSL London Zoo. Each day, the newly refurbished Terrace Restaurant, which dates back to 1920s, serves up to 10,000 diners. SHH Architects were responsible for the design, with the Troldtekt ceilings enhancing the quality of the experience by helping to ensure comfortable acoustics.

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Restaurant KP5

Troldtekt ceiling panels ensure good acoustics in Restaurant KP5 in the Aarhus Docklands, and also contribute to the intimate and cosy atmosphere of the place

On Aarhus Ø, the marina environment is one of the district's attractions. Here lies Restaurant KP5 with panoramic views that introduce plenty of daylight to the restaurant, which at the same time exudes an intimate and cosy vibe. The vaulted ceiling features white Troldtekt panels that ensure good acoustics in the restaurant.

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