Guide: Experience gastronomy and superior acoustics in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers top-class food and wine – and a number of the city’s restaurants have made good acoustics part of the experience. A wise choice, because research shows that sound impacts our sense of taste. See our guide to Copenhagen restaurants and cafés with superior acoustics. Enjoy!
Wine & Dine with good acoustics - Troldtekt guide to gastronomy and superior acoustics in Copenhagen

Did you know that noise, music and acoustics impact our sense of taste? Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, makes this claim in an interview that you can read here.

In the interview, Charles Spence notes, among other things, that loud background noise impairs our ability to taste fruit. And that certain sounds accentuate sweetness, while others underscore bitter tastes. He also says that hard surfaces – often accompanied by loud music – in restaurants are the reason they are perceived as being noisy.

The good news is that more and more restaurants are becoming aware of the importance of striking a balance between peace and quiet to enjoy the meal and creating an ambience where subdued sound provides a pleasant backdrop to the eating experience. This is particularly so in Copenhagen, where there are plenty of places to eat an excellent meal in beautiful settings, without being overwhelmed by noise.

15 great restaurants and cafés with superior acoustics

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Which city should you visit in 2019? According to Lonely Planet – the world’s leading travel guide – Copenhagen should be top of your list.

The title of top city in ‘Best in Travel 2019’ is yet another triumph for the Danish capital, which in recent years has been promoted repeatedly by experts in architecture, gastronomy and sustainability.

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