Architects free to do something out of the ordinary

The new Troldtekt design solutions are the result of a goal and a rule. The goal is to give architects the greatest possible flexibility when designing ceilings and walls for good acoustics. The rule is that the solutions must be suitable for mass production.

Troldtekt design solutions are designed by Troldtekt's in-house architect Michael Christensen

In August 2018, Troldtekt’s in-house architect, Michael Christensen, was given an unusual brief: “Propose ten new design solutions and we will choose the three best ones”. Just over six months later, virtually all the original suggestions have become reality in the new design series.

“The aim during the process has been to launch a broader range of solutions that offer the greatest possible architectural freedom. The goal of the new design series is to appeal to architects who want the scope to do something out of the ordinary in their interiors, but also have to stay within a reasonable budget,” says Michael Christensen. 

It’s all about the surface
The various design solutions in the series have two primary features in common: Firstly, they are mass-produced and therefore competitively priced. Secondly, they are designed to give ceiling and wall surfaces a seamless look.

“Designer Søren Vester dropped by, looking for inspiration, and he made a good comment that became the motto for my work with the various designs. “It’s not about the panel, but the surface,” he said, and this sums up the new series nicely. “Each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small,” says Michael Christensen.

“We have also made a conscious effort to ensure the solutions are flexible, so the panels can be combined in ways that offer great variation in the design,” he adds.  

Based on CNC technology
As the first step in the development of the new solutions, Michael Christensen and his colleague Bjarne Mortensen attended a course on CNC technology.

“We learned about the possibilities CNC machining offers and about programming, which we could carry over to our machine in production. We have since spent many long evenings, working and having fun with prototypes in the CNC milling machine and other types of milling machines,” says Michael Christensen.

While he is the one who drew up all the new designs, he stresses that the new solutions are the result of teamwork. In addition to input from Product Developer Bjarne Mortensen, a large design group from sales and the Troldtekt management team have helped refine the product series along the way.

From Nordic to expressive
His architectural background and experience from design studios have made Michael Christensen well equipped for his work on the new designs.

“As an architect, it is a classic discipline to use standard products to design something unique or with special character. This is the challenge our new design series attempts to meet,” he says.

“The goal has been to get form and function to meet in a wide range of products. Some of the new solutions fit well with Nordic design – with straight lines and angles, while others are more expressive.     

Michael Christensen reveals that the simple, modular design variants – Troldtekt® line, Troldtekt® line design and Troldtekt® tiles – are his personal favourites.

The new Troldtekt® design line

Troldtekt design solutions are designed by Troldtekt's in-house architect Michael Christensen

About Michael Christensen

  • Graduated as an architect, MAA, from the School of Architecture in Aarhus in 2002.
  • Became involved with Troldtekt A/S in 2003, as an external consultant preparing drawings and BIM objects for architects.
  • He now holds a permanent position at Troldtekt, working with product development, technical advice and documentation for architects.
  • He has previously worked for the Ginneruparkitekter A/S and RUM design studios.
  • He completed training as a DGNB consultant in 2018.

Theme: Superior acoustics with elegant design

With a new range of design solutions, architects are given an exciting opportunity to combine the great acoustics of Troldtekt wood wool panels with a distinctive look.

In the online feature "Superior acoustics with elegant design", Troldtekt A/S gives the architect behind the new design solutions the opportunity to talk about them – and show how they are used in beautiful buildings.

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Troldtekt® design solutions give architects an exciting opportunity to combine the great acoustics of Troldtekt wood wool panels with a distinctive look