Sustainable building certifications

Troldtekt acoustic panels in an office environment designed for well-being

Consultants and developers often choose to follow the requirements of a sustainable certification scheme when building. This makes the building healthier for the environment and its users – and financially more attractive for the owner. Learn how Henning Larsen Architects works with leading building certifications in practice.

Troldtekt is a Cradle to Cradle-certified natural material, and contributes to certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL and DGNB. Ramboll has produced documentation packages that serve as a helpful tool when consultants need to assess Troldtekt’s contribution to each of the schemes.

Go on an inspiring tour of a number of certified buildings where Troldtekt ensures good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate. They include the two office buildings Alnatura Arbeitswelt (DGNB) and Eminent (WELL). Also, take a look at the new ‘living laboratory’ for Cradle to Cradle-certified building materials – the C2C LAB in Berlin.

Certifications raise the bar for sustainable building

Henning Larsen Architects works systematically with certification requirements when designing buildings which need a sustainable seal of approval.

Read the interview with the architect Martha Lewis, who is the firm’s Head of Materials. She explains what’s required when working with certifications – and what the firm gains by doing so.

>> Read the interview with Martha Lewis

Certifications raise the bar for sustainable construction

How Troldtekt contributes to the certification of sustainable buildings

A building that is documented as being sustainable offers a wide range of benefits for the environment and the indoor climate, and also in terms of usability, user well-being and the operating economy. See how Troldtekt contributes positively to four leading sustainability certifications: LEED, BREEAM, WELL and DGNB.

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How Troldtekt acoustic panels contribute to the certification of sustainable buildings

Alnatura sets new standards with DGNB platinum

Alnatura, a German distributor of organic food products, has set new standards for sustainable building and the use of natural materials with its new headquarters in Darmstadt. The building has been DGNB-certified at the highest level – platinum. 

In September, Alnatura Arbeitswelt was the focal point of the German opening of the World Green Building Week.

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Troldtekt online theme focuses on the benefits of sustainable building certifications

An office environment designed for well-being

Employees who thrive perform better. This is Eminent’s philosophy, and also why its offices were designed to promote the well-being of users, making it the first WELL-certified office building in the Nordic region. Eminent is also gold-certified by the Sweden Green Building Council. The project was designed by Kanozi Architects.

>> Read an interview with Åsa Jentsch from Kanozi

Troldtekt acoustic panels in an office environment designed for well-being

Sustainable laboratory opens in Berlin

Troldtekt acoustic solutions have been installed at the world’s first C2C LAB, which has just opened in Berlin. The renovated building is an educational centre, NGO office and a ‘living lab’ for Cradle to Cradle-certified building materials.

>> Take a look inside the new C2C LAB

Sustainable laboratory with Troldtekt acoustic panels opens in Berlin

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